There are those who would shout down others who disagree…

June 10, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


…rather than hear their reasoned argument, when they have a reasoned argument.  (Indeed, listening to those who seem to disagree, may reveal more agreement than is known.)


By Je Suis Spike


We find this all over our land right now, don’t we, some shouting down others?


Well, truth is sharper than a two-edged sword and divides in such a way as to force us to choose; while truth may sometimes be temporarily less comfortable than a convenient deception or distraction, in the end truth is all there is and it’s best to know it.


Let us lead the way into that space where others may voice their disagreement and be listened to respectfully before reasoned rebuttal is offered.  It has been said many times that a house divided cannot stand.  If we are to stand divided on some things, such that we know the enemy within, let us also know that which unites us such that we needn’t fear the barbarian at the gate.  Families can have their disagreements and remain united, after all.


I’ve never worn the uniform, but I know what I am willing to fight for, willing to sacrifice it all for.  I cannot know who fought for what and why if they are not here to tell me, so I assume nothing.


My dad wore a naval uniform during World War II and was prepared to- so did- risk it all in the Pacific.  He did not lose it all, I am happy to report.  And, I found, when some neighborhood children imprudently painted a swastika on a go-cart a number of years later, that he despised Nazism just as it and Marxism and all tyranny is despised by those who understand liberty and the source of liberty and why it is inalienable.


And you cannot understand liberty without understanding its source.


Words cannot harm us; they are merely tools, when used properly, to discern truth or at least express our commitment to “being willing to fight to the death” for the right of self and others to utter them.


Memorial Day has recently passed, and fewer, by far, than I would have imagined attended a local memory event than usual.  As WWII and subsequent wars become a more and more distant memory, let us remember them and those who fought them- and fought against them- for whatever reason we do, if only to attempt to avoid them in the future.


A people secure in God need not fear war and can withstand a pride-harming punch in the nose occasionally.


After all, pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall, as long as the restrainer restrains.


But, really, how many punches in the nose from the enemy Marxists within can we take before it’s no longer a matter of only pride that is inured? How long before these cumulative punches to the nose add up to the irresistible force of corrupt government meeting The immovable Rock of truth?


The Stark Truth About Memorial Day and War


Virtually every year on Memorial Day the great Butler Shaffer would call everyone’s attention to this powerful scene from The Americanization of Emily. While it is disputably one of the greatest anti-war speeches, not only did James Garner completely hit the mark, you have to give a lot of credit to Joyce Grenfell, the actress who played Emily’s mom, She brought life, and death to the scene. This film was the personal favorite of James Garner & Julie Andrews.



Je suis Spike