There is No Virus

November 18, 2021 in Columnists, News, Video by RBN Staff


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Above is a video montage about the fact that the alleged coronavirus has never been isolated, and there is no actual evidence that it exists.

No one really wants to talk about this fact, but I’ve been saying it since March of 2020 – the alleged coronavirus does not actually exist. The people dying are dying of other respiratory infections that we’ve known about forever – the flu, bronchitis, etc. Along with that, they are classifying completely unrelated deaths from cancer and obesity-related illnesses as coronavirus deaths.

The fact is that if we remove the noise regarding PCR testing, we end up with much less of a “crisis” in 2020 than we had with the flu outbreak of 2018.

We have no evidence of hospitals being overwhelmed in 2020 or even in 2021, but in 2018, they were setting up tents to treat patients in the parking lots of hospitals.




This entire thing is a hoax, and it only makes sense if there is no virus.

How many people attack me for saying this? And yet not one person can explain what would be different if there was no virus. Instead, people come up with anecdotal evidence about how “oh but I got really sick last year.” Well, that isn’t data. People get really sick every year, and obviously, people are going to get much sicker after they’ve been forced to wear masks all day, after they’ve been locked inside, after they’ve had their diet and exercise routines disrupted.

Just look at the fact that all of this response was so planned, and then imagine that they didn’t plan it, and instead just waited for a random virus to appear by coincidence. Combine that with the fact that they have to hoax deaths for the deadly virus, and this is just simply stupid.

There is no virus, other than the viruses we’ve always known about.

Of course, now that so many people have taken this vax, it is very likely that we are going to see larger numbers of deaths. Along with destroying the heart, this vax very likely destroys the immune system, which is going to cause many to die from mild respiratory infections. They can then claim that all of those people are dying from a “new variant” of the “coronavirus,” and implement more restrictions and more forced vaccinations.

The fact is, none of this was ever about public health. These people do not care about obesity or drug overdoses, and yet we are supposed to believe that they are totally obsessed with public health. But they only care about people in their 70s and 80s dying.

Remember – these are the same people who talked about “death panels” to end the lives of the elderly.

I wrote about this a long time ago. Zeke Emanuel, who has been at the front of this coronavirus hoax, said he wanted people to die at 75.

Now he wants to destroy society in its entirety to protect people in their 80s from dying from the flu.

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This entire virus hoax is about establishing a new kind of society on earth. That’s all. When you come to that conclusion, you then understand that it is obvious that there is no bat virus from Wuhan, nor a Wuhan lab leak – it’s all a hoax.

The Wuhan lab leak theory was created to get conservatives back into believing in the existence of a deadly virus. Many people were reaching the conclusion I’ve reached – that it’s just the flu, rebranded as a new virus. So, in order to push people back into hysterics about a deadly virus, they decided to claim it was a bioweapon from China. Because if you believe there is a virus, then it is all about the details of how it should be managed, and maybe you can disagree with the brutal Democrat agenda, but you are still going to say that some kind of measures are necessary.

No measures are necessary because there is no virus. It is all a massive hoax, from the beginning, designed to restructure society.

“Covid-19” only has a relationship to viruses in that it is a viral internet hoax.

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