“This Is Canada’s Kristallnacht”

February 18, 2022 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff



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How Did Democracy Implode So Quickly In Canada? What We Don’t Know About Trudeau’s Oaths and True Allegiances– Anton Mueller



Submitted as comment to The Truth Barrier,

by Anton Mueller

Canada is in a Constitutional crisis rooted in a problem with oaths and allegiances. The vestiges of the British Dominion model cripple democracy in Canada. We have no laws to remove a tyrant who has enshrine a perpetual crisis, a Reichstag fire, to take power and whose RCMP brown shirts are now “breaking glass” and dragging peaceful protesters out of their vehicles. This is Canada’s Kristallnacht. Trudeau and the RCMP take the same oaths, and it is not to serve and protect the People of Canada. That is TV. The Prime Minister takes an oath of allegiance to the Crown and its Agents (Crown Agents are corps on the Stock Exchange run by Central Banks), to fulfill his office fully and lawfully, and an oath of secrecy.

The RCMP take the same oath. https://dues-research.livejournal.com/21077.html This differs from Provincial/Municipal police who are sworn to serve/protect people and their property as “citizens in uniform”, and as outlined by the Peelian principles of law enforcement across the Commonwealth. https://www.mcneillifestories.com/police-members-and-their-oath-of-office/ Pray for Canada! Democracy has been dead for some time but now, in Ottawa and beyond, people see the casket open and the dead putrid corpse for the first time.

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