TRPH RADIO SHOW 5 27 22 VIDEO CAST Johann Drolshagen

June 20, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff





V has been a victim of lots of injustices and has spoken about some of them live on the air of the Republic Broadcasting Network and other mediums over the years in hopes to enlighten those who have yet to be victimized by the corrupt government systems. V also has spent a long time looking for ways to get some justice for himself and others as laying down and taking oppression is not nor has ever been an option. One of these ways is discussed in this show with honored guest Johann Drolshagen, the compiler of the Brady List. What is the Brady List you may be asking yourself. Well here is the history and present day legal function.

The US Supreme Court decision in Brady v. Maryland [373 U.S. 83 (1963)], and subsequent rulings [Giglio, Jencks, et al.] have made it a duty of all Organizations to: 1. Provide to the Prosecution any material that would have a reasonable possibility of altering the results in a trial, or could reasonably mitigate the sentencing of a defendant; and, 2. Any material relevant to the credibility of witnesses, including, but not limited to, police officers.

The United States Department of Justice has initiated a methodical approach called proactive disclosure in conjunction with the Open Government Directive. This Brady List platform allows Organizations [LEOrg], Prosecutors, and Peace Officer Standards & Training [POST] Departments to enter their independent findings, in any number of cases, in direct compliance with Brady and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA; 1967). The individual lists are then compiled automatically into a Brady List for the individual Organizations. The Brady List(s) of the Organizations are then automatically compiled into an State Brady List for the State’s Attorney General (Department of Justice) and/or the State’s Supreme Court (Judicial Council).

A Giglio or Brady list is a list compiled usually by a prosecutor’s office or a police department containing the names and details of law enforcement officers who have had sustained incidents of untruthfulness, criminal convictions, candor issues, or some other type of issue placing their credibility into question. To ensure fair trials the Supreme Court of the United States created the Brady doctrine obligating the prosecutor of every case to gather and disclose all information about any individual upon whose testimony they will rely.

Our Priorities
Ensure enforcement discretion. The Brady List does not apply Machine Learning [ML], Artificial Intelligence [AI], or any other coded mechanism to the determinations about any individual that it stores and delivers.
Empower prosecutorial disclosure. This Brady List as a platform automates the compilation of data across entire jurisdictions for District Attorneys and Prosecutors.
Enable judicial oversight. This Brady List platform is the first and only mechanism of its kind to serve the judiciary as a method to ensure delivery of Brady Material Disclosures.
Build trust in the community through transparency. This Brady List is now, and always will be, open to the public – free and unfettered.
Demonstrate accountability. The Brady List encourages law enforcement, prosecutors, and the judiciary to demonstrate their entire workflow from complaint intake through categorization, investigation, and conclusion.
In order to provide this service to 20,000+ Organizations, all POST Departments, and 5,000+ Prosecutors and Authorities nationwide with over 70,000 recorded instances already listed, we have standardized the input, date and time stamped the output, incorporated an epistemology of Brady Offenses & Material, Public Complaints, and Use-of-Force Reports; and, modernized the entire lexicon around the topic.

This platform is available as-a-service to all Peace Officer Standards & Training [POST] Departments, Prosecutors, and Law Enforcement Organizations [LEOrgs]. This project is entirely self-funded and facilitated through the hard work of volunteers, journalists, and independent Citizen Reporter individuals and organizations.