Trump Attacker In Dayton Identified As 22yo Thomas Dimassimo, Posted Ominous Tweet Hours Before Rally, Supports Bernie & BLM [UPDATED]

March 14, 2016 in News by RBN

via: Information Liberation

The man who allegedly tried to storm the stage during Donald Trump’s rally in Dayton, Ohio has been identified as 32 22-year-old Thomas Dimassimo.

Dimassimo’s YouTube channel features a video of himself leading a Black Lives Matter protest last year where he and others stood on an American flag “in solidarity” with BLM activist Eric Sheppard. Sheppard had drawn controversy after he was photographed walking on an American flag during a protest at Valdosta State University.

After police investigating the protest found a gun in a backpack on campus which belonged to Sheppard, a warrant was put out for his arrest. Rather than surrender, Sheppard fled from the law and released a bizarre manifesto where he said “the White Race” is “the Cause of ALL Global Oppression” and threatened to “annihilate” anyone who tried to capture him. Dimassimo evidently felt this man was worthy of his support.

Dimassimo’s twitter handle has been idenfitifed as @Younglionking7.

He is a self-identified democrat who supports Bernie Sanders:

Just hours ago he posted the following ominous tweet:

Dimassimo has reportedly been charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic.

It’ll be interesting to see how much pressure the media puts on Bernie Sanders to condemn his own supporters’ criminal actions.

P.S.: Watch the newly released video of Dimassimo’s attempted assault from a second angle:

UPDATE: Dismassimo has already been released…

UPDATE II: The despicable propagandists at CNN just lionized the guy with a sit down interview…

Rest assured, he’s doesn’t “intend to harm anyone”…