Trump Campaign Spent 34¢ Per Vote During Primaries, Hillary’s Figure? $34

July 22, 2016 in News, U.S. News by D

This week, the Republican Party has gathered in Cleveland, Ohio to officially nominate Donald Trump as the party’s candidate. Speaking to Sputnik, convention delegate Mark Porter commented on his impressions of the event so far, and on the prospects of the Trump campaign collecting enough money to defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall.

The convention in Cleveland entered its third day on Wednesday. Speaking to Sputnik France reporter Rachel Marsden, delegate Mark Porter noted that he believes Trump has very good chances for the general election in November.

“There are even Democrats who are beginning to support Trump, and many have joined us during this convention, since they can’t support any longer what their party has been doing over the last eight years,” the delegate said.

Commenting on the fact that there was a small group of Russian observers present at the convention, Porter suggested that they see Trump as an effective dialog partner. In the meantime, he added, President Barack Obama has effectively shown that he doesn’t know what to do to get US-Russia relations back on track.Last month, it was reported that Trump’s campaign had only $1.3 million in campaign funds on hand, with presumed Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton raising a whopping $42 million.  Asked where Trump expects to find the money for the general election, Porter said that he wasn’t that concerned.

“This is a question brought up by all the delegates at the convention. Clinton has a lot of money and we are thinking about whether we need to have just as much. Trump won the primaries with a small amount of money; such a thing had never happened before.”

“We’ve calculated that Trump has spent 34 cents (on advertising and campaign costs) for each vote in the primaries, while Clinton has spent $43 dollars per vote,” the delegate added.

Ultimately, Porter noted, “Clinton has said that Trump cannot win, because he doesn’t have enough money. That’s a corrupt way of thinking. For many Americans, Hillary Clinton is the epitome of corruption.”