Trump Up Double Digits Over Joe-mentia in Iowa – Far Left Des Moines Register Buries the Lead

March 15, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


President Trump holds a double-digit lead over Joe Biden in Iowa.
The latest Des Moines Register poll shows historic President Trump leading Old Joe 51% to 41%.
The Register buried this halfway down the page.
And President Trump’s approval rating in Iowa hit 50% in the Register’s latest poll. Up four points from February.
Via attorney Robert Barnes.

Robert Barnes@Barnes_Law

This is how you bury the lead. The well-respected Iowa poll shows Trump with a massive double-digit lead over Biden in Iowa, but the headline hides that.  via @DMRegister

Iowans split on President Donald Trump’s job performance in new Iowa Poll

Trump’s approval rating by Iowans is the highest it’s been during his presidency, while his disapproval rating dropped to 47%.

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