Trump Wants to Cut Every Department But 1 – And Liberals Can’t STAND It

March 17, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

via: TeaParty Network

Despite his polarizing force over the Republican party, Donald Trump maintains a pretty standard set of conservative values, including the value of low government spending.

Case in point, Trump endorsed something many conservatives are calling the “penny plan,” under which practically all government departments are put on indefinite hold.

However, Trump says he wants to make an exception under the penny plan for one branch in particular, and he couldn’t have picked a better way to outrage liberals.

Guess which branch he thinks should be saved from the cut…

The military.

Obviously, left-wingers are losing it.

The Conservative Tribune has more:

During the appearance on “Hannity,” Trump endorsed the “penny plan,” a spending cut that’s been put forth by many conservative thinkers and pundits, including host Sean Hannity. Under the penny plan, one cent would be cut out of every dollar of federal spending for five consecutive years, thus eliminating the budget deficit.

However, Trump said it wouldn’t apply to the military — something that no doubt has liberals absolutely furious.

“I like the concept of the Penny Plan,” Trump said. “Not for the military, because the military we have to build up.”

“It’s a pretty good plan,” he added. “And it’s a pretty simple plan.”

Donald Trump’s dedication to the military is nothing new. After all, he’s the only candidate to say that he’d “bomb the s***” out of the Islamic State group. And, if s***-bombing is to commence, he needs something better than the weakened military we’ve seen under Barack Obama.

Criticize his delivery if you will, but you’ve got to give the man credit for saying it like it is.