Tucker Carlson Explains How War in Ukraine Will Affect Americans

February 25, 2022 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews

Tucker Carlson shows that hypocrisy of protecting Ukraine’s border while the southern border of the US is wide open. Carlson examines the possible effects of US involvement in Ukraine, from rising energy costs to joining a hot war to the US dollar losing its position as the world’s reserve currency.


Tucker Carlson made many good points this week about how Russia’s strike on Ukraine will affect Americans. He noted that the Biden administration is hypocritical in its pursuit of protecting Ukraine’s border while the US border is wide open and flooded with migrants. Biden’s family has received million from Ukraine and is in the pocket of oligarchs. Carlson noted the lack of representative government as an overwhelming majority of Americans do not support war with Ukraine. Not one single Republican leader has stood up against meddling in Ukraine.

The EU relies on Russia and Ukraine for nearly 40% of its natural gas. Carlson said that Putin has the power to turn off the lights because Europe made itself weak by promoting green renewable energy and shutting down nuclear power plants.

Another concern is that NATO’s Article 5 may be triggered in which an attack on one member of NATO is considered an attack on all of its members. If Russia were to launch a cyber attack on Ukraine, and it affects nearby NATO members like Romania or Poland, then possibly every NATO country, including the US, will be obligated to declare war on Russia.

The US dollar may also be affected because it is the world’s reserve currency, and if it is replaced, our economy will be destroyed, devastating millions of Americans. Biden’s sanctions against Russia did not prevent it from invading Ukraine, but does provide incentive for affected countries to dump the US dollar at the same time that China is trying to become the first major country in the world with a central bank that issues sovereign digital currency.