Typhoid John Spreads Neocon Infection at the White House

January 9, 2019 in News by RBN

Kurt Nimmo

While the corporate media doubled down on the prospect of Trump’s wall emergency, the neocon infection inside the floundering Trump administration spread. John Bolton appointed one of his buddies from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) to a key post. 


Richard Goldberg, who has called on US President Donald Trump to bring Iran regime’s economy “to its knees,” will become Director for Countering Iranian Weapons of Mass Destruction at the National Security Council. https://www.jpost.com/American-Politics/Advocate-of-harsh-Iran-sanctions-joins-Trump-national-security-team-576608 

Advocate of harsh Iran sanctions joins Trump national security team

He has called for Tehran to be cut off from international financial transaction networks such as SWIFT.


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Richard Goldberg is an ideal selection for a neocon-ized National Security Council, a forum created in 1947 as then President Truman went about building the national security state. The NSC drives US foreign policy—and with Bolton stomping around the White House unbound, that foreign policy is primarily about Israel and its enemies, although emphasis is shifting ominously toward confrontation with China and Russia. 

Mr. Goldberg will be at home in a Bolton-influenced White House. He was a higher-up in the FDD, an organization that acts as a subsidiary of the Likudnik government of the apartheid state of Israel. It is obsessed with Iran and its imaginary nukes, which is of course a paper-thin pretext for attacking Israel’s only serious contender in the Middle East. In addition, it works overtime to blunt any serious response to Israel’s slow motion ethnic cleansing in illegally occupied territories.


Sample of Goldberg articles on policy. Easy to profile. Just another Neocon…https://foreignpolicy.com/author/richard-goldberg/ 

Richard Goldberg – Foreign Policy

Richard Goldberg, a senior advisor at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, was the lead Senate Republican negotiator for several rounds of congressionally enacted sanctions against Iran.


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Richard emerged as a leading architect of the toughest sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran.https://www.fdd.org/team/richard-goldberg/ 

FDD | Richard Goldberg

FDD | Richard Goldberg | December 12, 2017 | Richard Goldberg is a senior advisor at FDD. From 2004 to 2014, he worked on Capitol Hill, serving as deputy chief of staff and senior foreign policy


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Trump said a few days ago he will pull US troops out of Syria and reduce their numbers in Afghanistan by half. It’s rumored he also has a bridge in the Arizona desert for sale. 

This will never happen because the deep state has a vested interest in killing Arabs and squatting on their land. Israel is the enforcer and paid handsomely for this role. Its rabid antisemitism—not of European Jews, but real semites, the Arabs—and willingness to butcher and torture are key assets for Bolton and the other neocon viroids that have wormed their way back into power after eight years of Obama. 

Donald Trump long ago demonstrated he is wholly unfit to be POTUS. His campaign promise plan to get out of the Middle East—after flattening the country to rid it of psyop ISIS—has been duly ignored. The neocons are in control of foreign policy, thus leaving the Donald to squabble with Democrats over a ludicrous wall he plans to build on land stolen from property owners on the border. This back and forth between Trump and the Democrats serves as a distraction and allows the neocons to tweak their effort to turn Iran into another Iraq or Syria, thus establishing order out of chaos favorable to the tiny apartheid state of Israel. 

Now that Mad Dog is history, Bolton and Pompeo will lobby Trump to get a solid neocon to fill the vacancy at the Pentagon. If not a pedigree neocon, at least somebody who is simpatico to forever war and the plan to make life miserable for Arabs outside the orbit on the US, Israel, and the Wahhabi emirates.