U.S. or Them

April 5, 2023 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

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By Lex Greene

April 4, 2023

By now, millions of you have figured out that our country has been intentionally and systematically divided into two groups, those who love, revere, and have chosen to defend freedom, liberty, and justice for all…and those who hate everything about America, freedom, liberty, and justice for anyone.

By now, millions of you realize that this war on America from within is EVIL vs. GOOD, Marxism vs. Freedom, and unbridled governmental power vs. the unlimited power of The People. It’s totally insane and maniacal democrats against all Americans!

This war will end only one of two ways… in total tyrannical government authority and no freedom, liberty, privacy or justice for anyone, or, the Power of a Free People.

Before you send me your parroted “uniparty” comments, I’ll state for the record that we have plenty of problems in the Republican Party ranks too, such as Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnell, essentially the “progressive” William Howard Taft leftist wing of the Party. A total GOP house cleaning is necessary for certain.

However, today’s Democrats are no longer democrats. They not only hate our Constitutional Republic, but they are also the most undemocratic organization in the USA today, technically run by only eleven self-appointed anti-American international powerbrokers, all of them, Klaus Schwab’s Obama puppets. Their determination to totally control you, like every tyrannical communist dictator in history, should tell you everything you need to know.

  • Jaime Harrison – DNC CHAIR
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer – DNC VICE CHAIR
  • Senator Tammy Duckworth – DNC VICE CHAIR
  • Henry R. Muñoz III – DNC VICE CHAIR
  • Congressman Cedric Richmond – DNC SENIOR ADVISOR
  • Jason Rae – DNC SECRETARY
  • Virginia McGregor – DNC TREASURER
  • Chris Korge – DNC FINANCE CHAIR

Now, in truth, none of these eleven people are actually in charge of running anything. They are only in charge of driving the Nazi Klaus Schwab, WEF, NATO, UN and WHO global agenda in their areas of influence, as directed by Klaus Schwab field general Barack Obama. These eleven democrat/Marxists hold these positions only due to their willingness to sell their soul for money and power.

To sum it up, the Democrat (Marxist) Party is well beyond salvation. Anyone who still supports this evil maniacal party today, is also beyond redemption, beyond rehabilitation, and a direct threat to national sovereignty, security, freedom, liberty, and justice for every sane American.

If you don’t know this yet, you’re not paying attention. If you still want to deny this reality or redirect attention away from this reality by parroting “uniparty” crapola, well, then you are part of the problem and incapable of being part of any solutions.

Millions of Americans once thought they were part of the “silent majority.” But now, they have been silent so long that they find themselves in a moral and ethical minority in their own country, watching their country being demolished daily by the same people we used to put in mental institutions.

Once again, democrats are focused on a massive gun grab and power grab by way of their B.S. Tik Tok bill and new gun laws. But do you realize that if DEMOCRATS stopped shooting people, it would eliminate more than 90% of all gun deaths in the USA? It’s true, go look up the stats on shootings in the USA. Research the shooters!

They want your guns because they need you to be defenseless in their future America. They want pedophiles and freak shows in your classrooms because they need all future generations to be morally bankrupt. They want total control of all information sources because they need to totally control the dialogue in the USA and around the world. They want digital currency in their controlled digital system so that they can take everything you have at will, for their political ambitions.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure this all out at this late stage. You just have to be awake and paying attention.

But you do have to be smarter and more determined than them to stop them!


If you’re not on a team, you’re not in the game…You’re a mere bystander, a fan of one team or another in the stands, incapable of affecting the outcome of the game. Or maybe you’re a fan of “independence,” belonging to no team, in a team sport arena. A fools errand.

Yes, both major political parties are wrecks today because WE let it happen! We have not been “forever vigilant” for more than a hundred years. How did you think that would turn out? It’s like refusing to weed your garden and still expecting a bumper crop to exist at harvest time.

WE ARE REAPING THAT WHICH HAS BEEN SOWN, after more than a hundred years of failing to ever weed that garden! It’s just that simple! (Galatians 6:7-8)

Marxist democrats have sown evil across this nation and conservatives “went along to get along,” failing to weed until our garden is nothing but weeds today.

The silent majority has been silent so long that it is still largely silent, but a MINORITY today.

I applaud everyone out there spending all their time “exposing the truth” for all to see. But at some point, the information must become ACTIONABLE INFORMATION and The People must take ACTION, together, or all of that information is useless!

Does our government possess unbridled ultimate power in this country, or do The People? If The People are no longer the final word, the ultimate power in the USA, then the government is, by mere default.

Is the USA a country of, by, and for The FREE People? Or is the USA now just another member of some maniacal global commune governed by international criminals and thugs focused on only serving themselves?

The People of the USA will decide this, not the government or Klaus Schwab. Global psychopaths are helpless against a UNITED America. But America is currently divided and helpless against a united and well-funded global criminal cabal of destroyers.

The People will decide what happens next. They can quietly surrender, go-along to get-along, and shrink from the call of duty for these generations. Or, they can take control and determine what the future will look like. The choice is ours…

God Help us all, if real Americans are a dead and dying breed. If freedom no longer exists in the USA, it will no longer exist anywhere on earth. There’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

As America goes, so goes the entire world!

It’s U.S. or THEM now! Choose…and join forces.