May 10, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: SHTFplan | Mac Slavo


Ukraine’s ambassador to the United States says that the country is “preparing for everything” during the conflict.  Oksana Markarova said Sunday that the Ukrainian military was on “high alert” ahead of Russia’s “Victory Day” celebration yesterday.

Even though nothing substantial happened yesterday, the mainstream media and ruling class insist you stay focused on the conflict, unless they want you distracted by Roe vs. Wade. “We know that there are no red lines for the regime in Moscow, so we’re preparing for everything,” Markarova said in an interview with “Face the Nation.”

“They said they will not go into — that they were not going to attack us, and they did. They said that there is no war in Ukraine for the past eight years, and we know [there] was. They said they didn’t take the Crimea and they did. They said they’re not killing civilians, and yet we see everywhere the deaths of women, children. They torture them, they rape them, they kill them. So we can count that Putin and imperialistic Russia will do everything bad they can possibly try to do,” Markarova added.

Russia celebrated Victory Day on May 9 to commemorate its role in defeating Nazi Germany in World War II. According to mainstream media, the Russian military has worked to complete its takeover of Mariupol, a key port city that has been under bombardment for weeks, in time for the celebrations Monday.

What the media and rulers do not want you to focus on are things like this:

U.S. DoD Awarded a Contract for “COVID-19 Research” in Ukraine 3 Months Before COVID Was Known To Exist

Pentagon Ran Bioweapons Labs in 25 Countries, Including Ukraine

The U.S. has assessed that Russia is preparing to annex the newly occupied southern city of Kherson, as well as the so-called “people’s republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk. But Markarova said Ukraine “has to be whole within the internationally recognized borders.”

As these events unfold it’s important to be prepared and know how to assess the game the ruling class continues to play. War is a racket.