US Homeland Security Says ‘Most Lethal Threat to America’ is White Supremacy

September 12, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


According to a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security, white supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the United States. The DHS document stated that “white supremacist extremists will remain the most persistent and lethal threat to the homeland through 2021.” DHS added that so-called white supremacists are likely to continue to target racial and religious minorities, members of the LGBTQ+ community, politicians, and those they believe promote multi-culturalism and globalization. Meanwhile, Communists and their agents in the Democrat Party are rioting, setting buildings on fire, and committing violence in the streets while being described as justice warriors. The country’s most notable white supremacist, Richard Spencer, has endorsed Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and a straight Democrat ticket. All of this is directly from the Communists blueprint for revolution, as described G. Edward Griffin’s 1968 video, More Deadly than War. -GEG

A draft assessment from the Department of Homeland Security claims that white supremacy is the “most lethal threat” faced by the United States of America, and will remain the most lethal threat through the end of 2021, despite ongoing civil unrest and violence in the streets of many American cities, a Chinese virus that inspired the lockdown of much of the country, and increased saber rattling from the country’s largest geopolitical competitor, China.

Lawfare Blog editor-in-chief Benjamin Wittes posted the draft statement to Twitter, writing that “the first version of the report, which is from 8/19/2020, states baldly that white supremacist actors are the biggest threat right now.”

The document claims that “lone offenders and small cells of individuals motivated by a diverse array” of “personal factors will pose the primary terrorist threat to the united States.”

“Among these groups, we assess that white supremacist extremists – who increasingly are working with likeminded persons abroad – will pose the most persistent and lethal threat,” the DHS document continues.

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