US Supra Gov Syria Policy Is Clear But Evil-Audio Analysis

June 29, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: WHTT

Chuck Carlson of We Hold These Truths contends that the US war policy is obvious and transparent, but is hidden from us in the confusion created by respected media, like the Financial Times of London, that allow us to be puzzled by the obvious. Why is US policy deliberately widening the 26-year old war in the Middle East? Find out in this dynamite, 15 minute program.

America has not wavered from its war based economy since Major General Smedley Butler made these prophetic remarks over 80 years ago.

Also, for your further consideration, we recommend James Corbett’s excellent report on Syria that corroborates Chuck Carlson’s analysis:

For the show notes to this Corbett Report, go to: