Utah Woman, 39, Dies After Second Dose of Moderna’s Covid Vaccine

March 12, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews

Kassidi with her 9-year old daughter. Youtube
Utah: Kassidi Kurill, a healthy 39-year old mother and surgical technician for several local plastic surgeons, took the Moderna RNA vaccine as part of her job, and died four days after receiving the second dose. Kassidi felt ill, but her sister said the family was not overly worried because “everyone from her work had flu-like symptoms, so we thought that was normal.” Three people in their 80s also died in Utah shortly after receiving the shots. -GEG

During a KUTV investigation into COVID-19 vaccine side effects and where to report them, we found four reported deaths, filed by Utah families and their caregivers to the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System.

One case stood out, a 39-year-old single mom from Ogden who died four days after her second dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Her family, who is now waiting on an autopsy, held a celebration of life for her this past weekend.

Kassidi Kurill, by all accounts, was healthy, happy and “had more energy” than just about anyone else around her. Her family told 2News she had no known health problems or pre-existing conditions.

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