Vaccine Madness, Part I

October 5, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Jeff ‘JR’ Nyquist, regular guest/co-host on The John Moore Show

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Throughout the stagnation period [under Brezhnev], not to mention the cult [of Stalin] era, people were afraid to say anything that conflicted with the ‘supreme’ opinion, learning only one thing – to vote unanimously for anything. We would take comfort from the fact that we were doing the same as everyone else. We were only bold when it came to political anecdotes…. Now we are only just learning to speak the truth.

12 MARCH 1988[I]


What happens to the truth when people are silenced? What happens after the government has extorted something vital from a nation – from its warrior class – by threatening people’s jobs, livelihoods, and freedom of movement? Once you have been intimidated into taking an experimental injection because you are “afraid to say anything,” or incapable of standing up, that is the end of your liberty. Your governors can ride roughshod over you and they know it. In that situation, only one comfort remains; namely, that you are doing what everyone else is doing.

Look around and see how many have come down with COVID-19 after being vaccinated. The vaccines are, therefore, ineffective. Yet we were told vaccines would solve the COVID-19 problem. New York’s Citywide Information Portal described the vaccines as, “Safe and effective.”[ii] But there were scientists who knew this was bunkum. When a retired microbiologist and author, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, was interviewed by Laura Ingraham last December, he said his chief concern was “The looming vaccination.” After an awkward pause, Ingraham asked his evaluation of masks and other virus counter-measures. Dr. Bhakdi responded, “Zero science.” He then made an eloquent statement about reading, thinking, and making up your own mind. “Don’t believe things people are telling you. Think for yourself. Come to your own conclusions.” Bhakdi said Fauci was taking the wrong approach. According to Bhakdi, “someone who says [what Fauci says] has not the slightest inkling of the basics of immunology. This is very surprising for someone of Dr. Fauci’s standing. And I would dare to defy him anywhere in the world.” With regard to the vaccine Bhakdi said, “I think it is downright dangerous. And I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom. And it’s so, so unnecessary.”[iii]

Bhakdi wrote a book last year titled Corona: False Alarm? He admitted in his book that the situation was quite confusing. Bad decisions were made about testing, about lockdowns, and more. But the worst decision of all, warned the microbiologist, would be a decision for vaccines. Bhakdi quoted one government official after another saying that the pandemic would only end with mass vaccination. “This is hysterical!” Bhakdi exclaimed. “Since when can government decide how and when a pandemic ends?” Bhakdi then noted that even a successful vaccination “does not guarantee immunity. To worsen matters, antibody production spontaneously wanes after just a few months. Protection, if any at all, is at best short-lived.”[iv]

This is exactly how things have played out. The vaccines do not prevent infection. The first and second shots were not enough, third and fourth and further jabs will be necessary. There is no end in sight. Bhakdi warned that “the idea of a personal “Immune Status’ document is scientifically unsound.” In other words, vaccine passports offer no real solution. Because the virus can rapidly mutate, predicted Bhakdi, the vaccines will fail. Therefore, global vaccination “makes no sense.” And then there are attending risks. First and foremost, rushed vaccines will not have “sufficient safety guarantees.” In fact, mRNA vaccines can cause frightening birth defects, autoimmune reactions, anti-DNA antibodies, inflammation of vital tissues, and toxicity. According to Bhakdi, “the prospects are simply terrifying.”[v]

The vaccination of Europe and America may turn out to be the grizzliest medical experiment in history. Consider, again, Bhakti’s statement to Laura Ingraham: “And I warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom.” And look at who is taking us there under the slogan “build, back, better.” They are employing censorship on an unprecedented scale, using private industry in concert with government to force everyone into vaccination. Every dirty trick is being tried. The “long march through the institutions” has brought socialism to this final catalyst – the pandemic. If every solution to every problem is government, then government is going to solve the pandemic. The bungling clown show begins. It is not a matter of relying on the human immune system to work its magic. Now they can declare an emergency and remake everything to their own “woke” specifications.

According to an unvaccinated evolutionary biologist, Heather Heying, “This so-called ‘progressive’ [woke] world is actually highly reliant on authorities and institutions that are pretending to speak truth, but actually coming to conclusions behind closed doors and never showing us the analysis.”[vi] Speaking for herself and her biologist husband Bret Weinstein, Heying explained, “Part of the reason we find ourselves out of step with some of what is being promoted as public health policy … is that almost nothing that has emerged during this pandemic, from public health officials … comes with a description of the analysis that was done. Sometimes there are … references to data sets, but the actual analysis is … hidden, is obscured, [and this] is exactly antithetical to science.” She further added, “Not just the results of science need to be in public view, but the actual scientific process.”[vii]

Thus begins our political investigation; for we are no longer dealing with biological science, but with political intrigue. Why would institutions dominated by partisans of “Woke World,” be pushing unsafe vaccines on the Western capitalist countries? Why hasn’t the West celebrated the astonishing achievement of the Indians, who defeated COVID with ivermectin? It is extraordinary that no Western media acknowledges India’s tremendous success. According to the Desert Review, “News of India’s defeat of the Delta variant should be common knowledge.”[viii] Yet “Woke World” responds with crickets!

The burning question, of course: Is “Woke World” stupid and irresponsible, or power-hungry and totalitarian? But this is not an either/or question. “Woke World” is both stupid and power-hungry, both irresponsible and totalitarian. It is never wise to underestimate a parade of neurotics, each claiming greater victim status. Such people wield power because they are loud and well-financed – and we are too polite to hang them. The rest of society is perplexed and intimidated by angry people with Ph.D’s and offices in Congress, who insist that there are dozens of genders and that men are liable to pregnancy. Nonsense of this kind has a crisp military meaning; for in the shadows a monster is huddling to pounce. We once called it “the communist bloc,” which was universally acknowledged as a threat. God help us, we have no name for it now. You ought to have a name for the thing that is pointing nuclear missiles at you. But somewhere along the way we lost the word “enemy.” We decommissioned the word “communism.” We lost track of the KGB because we imagined the disappearance of the name signified the disappearance of the thing. “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – Or stink as badly. And now we have lost our sense of smell altogether! In Beijing and Moscow, they are laughing at us.


A very famous social psychology experiment was carried out by Stanley Milgram at Yale University in 1961. Basically, the experiment measured the willingness of subjects to obey homicidal commands from an authority figure in a white lab coat. In each experiment the authority figure prompted the subject as “teacher” to administer electric shocks to a “learner” in a nearby room whenever the “learner” failed to give the right answer. The “learner” was an actor whose yelps of pain were staged to persuade the subject he was electrocuting a real person.

Before the experiment was conducted, Milgram asked fourteen psychology students in their senior year to predict the percentage of “teachers” who would administer a lethal electric charge of 450 volts. Optimistically, these students predicted that only a small percent of “teachers” would deliver shocks above 100 volts to the “learners.” Milgram also polled his colleagues, who agreed with this assessment. Forty psychiatrists were polled, and all believed the “teachers” would stop delivering the shock when the “learner” demanded to stop the experiment. The real shock came with the actual results of the experiment: 65 percent of test subjects administered the final 450-volt kill-shot. Admittedly, the subjects of the experiment were uncomfortable with the order to administer the voltage, yet the majority were willing to deliver a lethal charge when given the order by a “scientist.”

Milgram made the following comments in a 1974 article: “Obedience is a basic element in the structure of social life…. Some system of authority is a requirement of all communal living, and it is only the person dwelling in isolation who is not forced to respond, with defiance or submission, to the commands of others. For many people, obedience is a deeply ingrained behavior … overriding training in ethics, sympathy, and moral conduct.”[ix]

The fact is, most individuals give way to “authority” instead of following their conscience. Abstract rules and philosophical principles of thought and reason cannot compete with a person who holds aloft the banner of “scientific” authority, which is the ultimate form of authority today. Milgram noted, “The extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of an authority constitutes the chief finding of the study and the fact most urgently demanding explanation.”

Imagine the kind of trouble we are in today. Obedience remains a thing, but who has a conscience? Who follows moral rules? Who adheres to principles? Would the percentage of subjects delivering the 450 volt charge be larger today? How many have taken the vaccine, so far? Obedience, after all, is obedience. And what choice do people have? They must follow someone. They must follow something. Richard Weaver once wrote that “theoretical considerations always precede and … grade the land for what is to follow. In this case the theoretical preparation was made easier by a general attack upon the idea of discrimination.” Here Weaver related the collapse of hierarchy (i.e., discrimination regarding rank order) to the collapse of chivalry (i.e., discrimination in the use of violence). But he could have gone further. He could have shown that a general collapse of judgment in all areas was indicated – including questions of microbiology, public health, and the law. The men in the white coats, or the ones with four stars on their shoulders, might possess nominal authority – might give orders – but these men no longer discriminate in the old sense of that word.

The United States military is going to be vaccinated. No exceptions, no exemptions. You take the vaccine or you leave the service. Considered in the light of what we know about the vaccines – about their lack of safety and ineffectiveness – the order is madness. It is indiscriminate. Yet there is one more element of madness in the order. Hundreds of thousands of irreplaceable warriors will leave the military. America’s national defense posture will be seriously damaged. Effectively, those who would be inclined to disobey an illegal order are being drummed out of the service. An obedient mass – Milgram’s 65 percent – remain behind (with the tanks, artillery, missiles, etc.). Therefore, the disaster is twofold. First, we lose our best people. Second, the military becomes a more pliant instrument in the hands of bad people; and these are not thinking people. In fact, thinking would have prevented them from being promoted. Most of our leaders acquired status because discrimination was, for them, a dirty word. Worse yet, General Mark Milley – the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – cannot even discriminate between civilian control of the military and his own uniformed usurpations.

According to a new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Milley played the hero last January by saving us all from a nuclear war. Recycling the old nonsense story about General Al Haig stopping Richard Nixon from pushing the button in 1974, Woodward simply reframed the story with General Milley stopping Donald Trump’s nuclear moment in January 2021. If it was good enough to paint Nixon as a madman, it is even better to paint Trump as one; though it all goes to prove that Woodward cannot discriminate between fiction and non-fiction in his own writing (and neither can anyone else). What it proves about Milley is less certain, except that everyone knows Milley undermined President Trump during last year’s rioting and looting in the cities. And now he is ready obey the orders of an undiagnosed Alzheimer’s sufferer who whimsically surrenders whole countries to China and who orders the whole U.S. military to be vaccinated.

We need to be very clear. Mandating an experimental medical treatment for the entire U.S. military is unlawful. There is no grey area here. United States District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan, issuing a permanent federal injunction against mandatory anthrax vaccination in 2004, stated, “Congress has prohibited the administration of investigational drugs to service members without their consent. This Court will not permit the government to circumvent this requirement.”[x] Just like the anthrax vaccines, the COVID vaccines are investigational drugs. Article 6:1 if the Nuremberg Code says, “The voluntary consent of the human subject [of an experiment] is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion….”[xi]

Meanwhile, Biden, Austin and Milley, as leaders of the U.S. military, are threatening the careers, veteran status and livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of military personnel who would rather not be guinea pigs in a government experiment. They Add to this the fraud of implying that the treatment is safe, that the FDA has approved it.[xii] Then there is the deceit of suggesting the vaccines will stop the pandemic. When they are arrested and put on trial, Austin and Milley might well claim that Biden was mentally incompetent and they did not realize it. But that is no excuse for following an illegal order that disrupts all military service branches and results in unnecessary deaths.

Vaccine deaths, which have already occurred in the U.S. military, may easily rise above COVID deaths. On what grounds can this be asserted?  We are told that COVID-19 is ravaging our military. It supposedly threatens operations and kills military personnel. But these claims are only half-true. According to The Military Times: “At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, in late 2020, the military posted its deadliest month in November. Those four deaths were an anomaly in a year that saw mostly one or two deaths a month, if any….”[xiii]

We are disrupting the armed forces to vaccinate everyone with an experimental treatment because twenty people died last year, and 33 have died this year? As tragic as one death may be, these numbers are militarily insignificant. To put this in perspective, 13 more deaths out of 1.3 million is a one in one-hundred-thousand increase in deaths that are already incredibly low. In fact, more military personnel are struck by lightning in an average year than have died of COVID in two.[xiv] Perhaps, indeed, we should vaccinate for lightning, a proposition logically consistent with the idea that the vaccinated are threatened by the unvaccinated.

For those who can discriminate, there is a glaring problem with the ever-so-slight increase of COVID deaths in the U.S. military this year. With approximately 40 percent of the military vaccinated, shouldn’t there be less deaths this year? How do vaccine proponents explain this? In fact, it is strange to claim that something works when your numbers show no effect whatsoever. Of course, the government likes to claim that nobody receiving both vaccinations has died. But that begs the question of whether the immune-suppressing effects of the first vaccination is what accounts for the increased deaths; or may we attribute the increased loss of life to the vaccines “incubating” more virulent strains in the vaccinated (as some scientists have suggested)?[xv]

How serious should the military be taking COVID-19? There were 571 suicide deaths in the U.S. military last year while there were 20 COVID deaths. In other words, the average American service member was 28 times more likely to kill himself than to die from COVID-19.[xvi] I do not think COVID-19 is a serious problem for the military. But the vaccines are a serious problem. Nobody knows what the long-term effects of these vaccines will be. To force good men to be guinea pigs, to drive them out of the service, is a bad thing. Those commanders who go along with all this are not to be trusted. An illegal order must never be obeyed. There is passage in Sun Tzu’s Art of War that our top generals should be reminded of: “[The general] looks upon his troops as children. Thus they can venture into deep river valleys with him. He looks upon the troops as his beloved sons. Thus they can die together with him. United in profound kinship with their general, the troops respond with uncompromising loyalty. They will obey every order. They will accompany him anywhere, into grave danger, into death.”

Of course, generals who cannot discriminate between a legal and an illegal order, will never win the loyalty of their troops.


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