Vax, Ivermectin or Detox? Beware of Caretakers Bearing Potentially Deadly Chicken Soup

April 26, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

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April 26, 2022

The public does not get their opinions about how to treat so-called viruses by reason alone, they tend to catch them by social contagion.  This usually falls into three camps along social class lines: the Knowledge Class has an affinity for vaccines, boosters and masks; the Working and Small Business Class for Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, herd immunity and natural non-drug treatments, and some more Independent thinkers rely mainly on detoxification.  Only detox can target natural viruses as RNA Vaccines and Alternative Treatments (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine) do nothing to treat a fictional Coronavirus.

The decision of what treatment for viruses has to be made on less than overpowering evidence mainly due to the obfuscation of government and Big Pharma. To overcome this gnawing uncertainty, most people double down on their selection of vax, Ivermectin or detox on social grounds (called cognitive dissonance). We are what we are by the recognition of others.

The thrust of this article is that if you are socially compelled to use a vaccine or a so-called alternative treatment, say, Ivermectin, to fight virus infection of your liver, and you eat food at the same time, you may be sorry and end up in a Fauci hospital subject to risk of pneumonia and eventually deadly sepsis (or: “feed a cold, starve a fever”).  Read on.

RNA “Vaccines”

RNA “vaccines” teach cells to make an artificial protein that will trigger immune response in our bodies. Discussion about them can lead to social penalization and will not be addressed here. Those who take vaccine injections are inclined to believe in modern medical technology or have no choice if they work in corporate or government settings where it is mandated. Government has begun using vaccination as a sort of “circumcision” social marker that makes the unvaccinated as social pariahs who are subject to higher taxation and/or denial of government services even though they pay taxes.  Which raises the sociological question: is the latent function of RNA vaccines social and political rather than medical?

Ivermectin Reverse Psychology

Ivermectin is a Big Pharma antiparasitical poison that is embraced religiously by many who are understandably suspicious of government vaccines.  The USDA labels Ivermectin “acute toxic”, “irritant,” “health hazard” and “environmental hazard”. The US Department of Health warns against humans taking Ivermectin but given their misleading track record it is quite easy to understand why people would do the opposite. Government’s legitimate ban on Ivermectin can end up in people embracing it by reverse psychology. Ivermectin is an animal anti-parasite drug.  Parasites, however, eat heavy metal and store it in their entrails.  If a parasite is killed in the human gut the metal releases into the body causing greater toxicity that could contribute to triggering a virus cascade to remove it. Once again, the reasons for taking Ivermectin are mainly social.

Hydroxychloroquine is the other darling treatment embraced by those who are critical of anti-viral treatment by vaccines.  Dr. Claus Kohnlein, MD, author of the book Virus Mania, points out that in many countries that Hydroxychloroquine was used in ultra-high doses (2.4 grams) and was the sole reason for the spike in excess deaths in April 2020.  Moreover, Kohnlein has exposed that doctors in Europe were negligently substituting HydroxyQUINOLINE, an anti-amoeba drug, for HydroxyCHLOROQUINE, resulting in unnecessary deaths. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko popularized Hydroxychloroquine treatment in the US by family physicians in clinics, but its misuse in hospital settings is notorious. Hydroxychloroquine is known as a popular drug of choice for those who want to commit suicide by overdose.

Many anti-vaxxers have a theory of herd immunity but what good is that when there is no Coronavirus? The recent media coverage pitched at anti-vaxxers that snake venom is in vaccines and water is yet another media diversion from the more critical matter of the failure to detox the body leading to disease (“the body is a temple, let us cleanse ourselves from all defilement of flesh and spirit”).

How We Socially Create Our Own Disease

Despite our social nature, we create, or allow, our own disease, not necessarily catch it from germs from others, but it can be resonated from others.  The problem is a sick body not germs (see video The Truth About Bacteria and Viruses).  What is called virus is nothing more than the body naturally purging itself of byproducts of natural cellular death, toxins, and poisons by generating its own detergent, called viruses or exosomes, to do this. This detoxification process occurs not only when we are overwhelmed with toxins and stress but when we are around others who are detoxing and pick up their invisible signal to start our own purging.  Or during certain seasons of the year our bodies start detoxing bacteria (colds) or virus (flu).  Or when exposed to either natural or man- made electrical contamination.

Mainstream media does not communicate that if we eat protein or carbohydrate when our liver is infected with toxins and soaps called viruses, we run the risk of pneumonia.  Here is how Henry Beiler, MD, describes the social situation of pneumonia:

“A good rule to remember is that the bowel can be cleared of toxins (by physic or enemas) in twenty four hours; the blood in three days; the liver in five days, PROVIDING NO FOOD IS EATEN…I have seen many a case of flue pushed into pneumonia (or meningitis, mastoiditis or middle ear disease) because some anxious grandmother insisted upon something ‘to give the child (or adult) strength’ such as chicken (soup)”.  However, wheat grass, barley water, lemon juice, coconut water and bel ka sherbat juice are effective liver tonics that may be tolerated.  Beware of caretakes bearing potentially deadly chicken soup.

Detox Beats Vax or Ivermectin

The mainstream media and government health agencies do not generally focus on the most important components of our detox system:

  • Sleep (8 hours to allow lymph system to drain)
  • Elimination through bowels (3 or more elimination daily is target)
  • Urination (drink half your body weight in ounces daily; cleaner, mineralized water is better
  • Perspiration (by exercise, sauna) – sweat purges toxins, saunas

During the 1918 Spanish Flu, 60 million died who were vaccinated but all those who were in makeshift outdoor hospital beds and sanitoriums instead of hospitals all survived.  The treatment protocol at that time involved fasting, clean water, sunlight, clean air, rest and mineral supplementation.

Nothing in this article shall be construed as medical advice and is solely opinion.