Video of Kaepernick’s ‘Best Throw of the Night’ Gets Overshadowed by His Racially Charged Shirt

November 17, 2019 in News, Video by RBN Staff

By Bryan Chai

After a last-minute change in venue at his own behest, Colin Kaepernick finally got the opportunity his supporters have been clamoring for when he got a chance to work out for a smattering of NFL teams.

To his credit, Kaepernick did look sharp in his workout, as ESPN noted that he completed 53 of his 60 passes.

But it’s also worth noting that these types of workouts are specifically designed to make the quarterback look as good as possible.

There were no defenders on Kaepernick’s receivers and no pass rushers barreling at him. For all intents and purposes, he should look good in this type of environment.

Still, when CBS Sports’ Jonathan Jones tweeted out a video of what he called Kaepernick’s “best throw of the night, no question,” it’s hard to deny that it was a crisp-looking deep ball with plenty of velocity.

But as has been the case for Kaepernick in recent years, he seems unable or unwilling to avoid controversy.

For whatever accuracy and zip Kaepernick may have shown on his throws on Saturday, far more people seemed to be interested in discussing the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback’s choice of apparel for his workout.

That’s because Kaepernick chose to wear a shirt with some seriously racially charged connotations.