Video Released Of Unarmed Man Killed By Police In Front Of His Family

February 27, 2014 in News by The Manimal

Source: Information Liberation

Newly released video shows police pull a “Weekend at Bernie’s” with the lifeless body of a father beat to death in front of his family by police angry he didn’t immediately show them his ID. Luis Rodriguez was in an argument with his wife outside a movie theater over her hitting his daughter, police were called as a result. After Luis allegedly failed to ID himself, police claim he showed some level of resistance, to which they responded by beating him to death. The police confiscated his wife’s cell phone with video as “evidence” but her attorney got a hold of it and just released it to the public. The video does not show the police’s beating, only them pinning down his lifeless body, then toying with it like it’s the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s,” assuring his panicked wife and daughter he’s not dead.