VIDEO: The Left Flies Into A Rage After Tucker Carlson Hits A Nerve

October 29, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff






With one announcement Fox News host, Tucker Carlson caused the left to fly into a rage.

Carlson recently announced his documentary three part series that will run on Fox Nation called the “Patriot Purge” and looks into the domestic war being waged against conservatives after 1/6.

The announcement caused intense gnashing of teeth from the left.

Rhino Rep. Liz Cheney was furious.

Rep. Eric “Fang Fang” Swalwell also expressed anger over the documentary.

The drones at CNN were fuming as well.

Mr. Oliver Darcy doesn’t seem to be able to grasp that when it comes to credibility his network doesn’t have any. CNN can’t even get 1 million viewers a night anymore and Jones has been right more times than Darcy’s buddy Brian Stelter.

Here is what the drones aren’t telling you, Tucker is hitting very close to home. Staff members from the Huffington Post have turned the left wing publication into a law enforcement agency and have even given themselves a nickname. The publication is working with the DOJ to hunt down right wing protestors.

They are all freaking out about Tucker because they know he’s right and they all may be exposed.