WATCH: Texas Officials Fly Reporter Over Biden’s Border Crisis After Admin Restricted Drones

September 19, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Screenshot: Fox News
Officials with the Texas Department of Public Safety took Fox News reporter Bill Melugin and his camera crew up in a helicopter so they could survey the scale of President Joe Biden’s crisis on the southern border after the administration restricted Fox News’ ability yesterday to fly drones over an area where thousands of illegal aliens were gathering under a bridge.

“It is incredible to see this perspective up here,” Melugin said. “We hear the administration say ‘the border is closed, there is extreme progress being made.’ This does not look like a closed border from here. This is hundreds of people streaming in every minute here, and they’re all going to this international bridge.”

“Unfortunately for the overstretched border agents down there, this situation looks like its going to get worse before it gets better because this stream of people is not stopping,” Melugin said live on air, later adding, “Our border is wide open where you’re looking right now; there is no resistance whatsoever.”