We Know Not What We Do

March 29, 2022 in News by RBN Staff



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By July, 98 percent of British adults had coronavirus antibodies, mostly through vaccination. Yet 35,000 Britons since then have died of COVID. Nearly all were jabbed. Now cases are soaring again.

It is time to face reality.

If Britain is the future of the coronavirus in highly mRNA vaccinated countries, the future is bleak.

Britain authorized Pfizer’s mRNA Covid vaccine even before the United States. It vaccinated against Covid faster than any other advanced country except Israel.

The results have been worse than unpromising.

Last week, Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, warned the coronavirus would remain a public health threat “for the rest of our lives.” This assessment is far grimmer than any that American officials have made, at least publicly. But Britain is now facing yet another wave of Covid infections and deaths – its fourth, or fifth, or sixth, depending on who’s counting.

Dismissing Whitty as a fearmonger would be easy. In much of 2020 and 2021, he pushed lockdowns and offered regular predictions of doom.

But even a stopped hysteric can be right twice a day. And Whitty’s assessment is actually much darker than one he made in mid-December – when he predicted that “each six months [going forward] will be better than the last six months.”

This graph of the last year of Covid deaths in Britain explains why Whitty is no longer optimistic:


After falling close to zero during spring 2021, during the happy vaccine valley, Covid deaths rose through the summer and have remained stubbornly high ever since.

Week after week, about 1,000 people in Britain are dying from Covid, based on the most conservative definition of Covid deaths – those that occur within four weeks of diagnosis. During the Omicron wave the number rose even higher.

In reality Britain does not seem to have “waves” of Covid anymore.

Even when new variants roll out, deaths no longer fall close to zero, as they did in 2020, before the mRNA shots were introduced – and as they still do in countries that did not use those jabs.

Nearly all these deaths – over 90 percent, closer to 95 percent under a more expansive definition of Covid deaths – now occur in people who have taken Covid shots.

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