Why More and More Americans Are Refusing to be Vaccinated

May 4, 2022 in News by RBN Staff

source:  lewrockwell

I made a list in September 2021 (271 pages long)! Here are a couple of shorter documents that summarize the reasons why intelligent people are refusing to get the jab and why we are winning them over.


If people are wondering why you are refusing to get vaccinated, you can point them to one of these three documents listed below.

Document #1

Back in September 2021, I wrote a document listing the reasons why people refused to be vaccinated.

The document listed hundreds of reasons but ended up being too long for anyone to read (it was 271 pages).

My personal favorite reasons:

  1. The all-cause mortality is negative
  2. The all-cause morbidity is negative
  3. Nobody knows the two numbers above or is interested in obtaining them.

Document #2

A Lot of Americans Don’t Want Those Shots by Meryl Nass basically summarizes the core reasons and they are simple:

  1. The shots don’t work
  2. They kill and/or injure people

People are finding this out from personal experience and/or alt media.

The key is this: fewer and fewer people over time are choosing to take the jab. That’s good.

Document #3

Here is a much shorter version of my 271-page document: No, I Don’t Want Your Shot. Here’s Why.  It lists 77 reasons that break down into four categories:

  1. Safety (37 reasons)
  2. Necessity (11 reasons)
  3. Efficacy (15 reasons)
  4. Honesty of the players (14 reasons)

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