Will Lenin’s “Useful Idiots” Be Ignorant Forever?

January 11, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  newswithviews


Andrew C. Wallace

January 11, 2023

You can’t say that people living in Democratic Inner- City “Plantations” are stupid, but they certainly are ignorant of the facts. One must pity the people that are so thoroughly brainwashed by schools and media to love the Democrats who enslaved them, and continue to put them down while blaming others.

Lenin’s “Useful Idiots” (brainwashed supporters of Communism) do not understand that the Parasitic Super-Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) control the ‘woke’ corporations and government that send jobs overseas and give their jobs here to Foreign Invaders. Government then uses our tax money to support these Invaders, because no one else could live on the wages offered the Invaders! It is not bad enough that ‘woke’ corporations send employment overseas, but then they get our government to subsidize the employment of Invaders. Our poor people don’t know that their Medicaid was also (unconstitutionally!) cut to finance foreign aid to Ukraine!

In fact, this is only a drop in the bucket of corruption. All government programs, including Medicare, Social Security, Welfare, etc., must be reduced because of the cost to support Invaders and the Ukraine war, all of which is unconstitutional! The purpose for both expenditures is to make money available for illegal transfer to the Democrats while our country is bankrupt. In the near economic future, our dollar will be approaching worthless.

You will not want to hear this truth, but the Ukraine war was necessary to replace profits lost by the Military Industrial Complex when they left Afghanistan, together with the money laundering that benefited the PSRRC.

Private military experts take serious exception to the lies told by media and government officials about Ukraine. These experts maintain that Ukraine is not even a Democracy, and is the most corrupt country in Europe. They further maintain that the United States was responsible for the war, to enrich the Defense Contractors and enable copious amounts for money laundering. This should be no surprise, because they have been doing this for 75 years.

Our legislators in both parties voted to support Ukraine because they were bribed to do so, and not for the good of the people.

Economists will also tell you that efforts to destroy Russia economically have backfired. Russia is doing better, while Europe and the United States are suffering a severe decline.

Any news about Ukraine from the media or government sources is usually a damn lie. I don’t admire Putin, but I wish our officials had his brains and courage. One good thing about Putin is that he is standing against the New World Order and our corrupt ‘officials’ are supporting it, while destroying our country!

When the government support system for people who don’t want to work finally ends, so will the support of government by Lenin’s Useful Idiots in the inner city plantations. Government will then replace Lenin’s Useful Idiots when they riot over the cutoff of ‘free stuff’. Foreign Invaders who have no loyalty to the United State will then kill Lenin’s Useful Idiots (Democrats) in return for food. Please understand that government will have no choice but to cut all such programs in the predicted total Economic Collapse caused by the unconstitutional actions of the government.

I will never understand why the poor and Blacks continue to support the Communist Democrats when they continue to screw them, over and over again. They don’t know that Democrats are now the party of the wealthy who spend roughly twice as much money on elections as do Republicans. Democrats are great at projecting their evils on Republicans. In reality both parties take orders from the Parasitic Super- Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), and they are destroying our country and impoverishing everybody.

Educated people who support Communism are truly evil, because they know the truth!

The really sad thing is that the people who would benefit the most from this information will not read it. Even though Communism has never worked, these people will only learn from starvation, because their brainwashing is so effective.

As an Economist, I can GUARANTEE you that if we were to return to a Constitutional Government that we would have Unlimited Prosperity. It is that simple. Two examples are: Return to gold and silver- backed money, and you end inflation and the ability to wage no-win wars for profit. Implement Constitutional Tariffs and you eliminate the income tax, and make American workers competitive. The only problem is that the PSRRC will not allow their bought-and-paid-for Legislators to do it.