[UPDATE: ALL PACKAGES HAVE BEEN CLAIMED! Thank You!] Donation Gift Packages Packed w/ Coins!

May 10, 2015 in RBN Updates by RBN Staff

UPDATE: We have run out of gift packs! Thank you for helping RBN stay on the air!


Contribute now to receive one of these great gifts as a reward for your support!

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Click ‘Donate’ on the homepage, to give by credit card or PayPal; mention the package in the comment section next to the dollar amount.

Two packages available:

Package 1 (x2): $100

Package Contents for $100 Donations

  • 1943 Steel Penny
  • 35% US Silver “War Nickle”
  • 90%US Silver Dime
  • 1-Ounce Copper Round
  • 1/10th Ounce Silver Round
  • 2-1/4 Grams .999 Silver Shot
  • 1-gram Silver Round – Monarch Precious Metals
  • Educational Copper Penny Mini-Booklette

Package 2 (x2): $200

Package Contents for $200 Donation

  • 1943 US Steel Penny
  • 35% US Silver “War Nickle”
  • 90% Silver Pre-1965 US Dime
  • 90% Silver Pre-1965 US Quarter
  • 1-Ounce Copper Round
  • 1/10th Ounce Silver Round
  • 3-1/4 Grams .999 Silver Shot
  • 1-gram Silver Round (MPM Minnow Design) AND a 1-gram Copper bar by CMC (Rare!) OR- a 1-Gram Silver bar by CMC (Rare!)
  • 1-gram silver bar A and M mint (Rare!)
  • Mini-Bar (CMC Mint)
  • 5-Gram .999 Silver Bar (Monarch Precious Metals)
  • Educational Copper Pennies Mini-Booklette

Many thanks for you generous financial support to RBN! This modest gift comes to you from the other RBN supporters. Hopefully it inspires you to start or expand your own collection, or to pass some of the items along as gifts to your family and friends.

Hopefully you’ll keep this for years to come, but if you ever need to sell any of it, you should know that many odd, non-government-minted can fetch a premium, sometimes far in excess of their “melt” value. Ebay research can reveal the top prices of odd items. If you’re not sure, always check the value of things before you sell them. The worst place to sell them is to a coin or a pawn shop.
To get current market values for US government-minted coins, examine ebay as well as the resources below to learn about the overlap between bullion metals investing and the metal collectables market.

www.coinflation.com [Under “Silver Coin Values” and under “Countries / United States” for non-silver. Hint: Click on individual coin names in the list to see calculations on current value, the coins weight, composition, etc.]
www.kitco.com/charts [Live and historical charts of the day-to-day prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.]
www.kitcometals.com/charts [Prices for copper and the other “base” metals; nickel, aluminum, your lead bullets, etc!]

Other Supporters

In both 100 and 200 dollar package contents, all items come encapsulated in correct size plastic capsules as generally shown in photos.

Thumbnail - Just 1 Gram Broken heart Ace Bar  Thumbnail - A&M 1gram silver bar
Fairly Close Up
Strong Angle Shot 90