Michele Fiore vs Chris Hayes Cliven Bundy Ranch

April 20, 2014 in Video by The Manimal

MSNBC Chris Hayes squared off with Nevada state assemblywoman Michele Fiore over exactly what the objection is. Fiore told Hayes that the BLM went way out-of-bounds by sending in armed federal agents, declaring, “We will not allow governance by gunpoint.”

Hayes repeatedly tried to get Fiore to admit that the Bundys are in violation of the law, but Fiore stuck to arguing that the government was engaging in outrageous tactics and “suspicious activity.” Hayes insisted the government’s tactics is a different issue from whether or not Bundy is in the wrong and his rejection of the federal government’s authority.

Fiore asked, “If you owed the federal government money, Chris, do you want them coming to your house pointing guns at your wife and children? Is that okay with you?” Hayes shot back, “But is is okay with you if every rancher in the country stops paying their grazing fees?”

Hayes brought up a hypothetical where someone trying to save an illegal immigrant relative would try doing the same thing Bundy’s supporters did, a comparison Fiore dismissed. They ended the segment on an odd exchange about killing cows.