CLAIM: Farmers ordered by government to destroy crops, more food shortages coming

November 17, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

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CLAIM: Farmers ordered by government to destroy crops, more food shortages coming

Social media platforms are getting flooded with testimonies from farmers, friends of farmers and people who work with farmers explaining how the Biden regime is now paying the people who grow America’s food supply to destroy it.

At a time when inflation is soaring, Washington, D.C., is ordering farmers to plow under the crops they worked so hard to grow. In exchange, these farmers are reportedly being paid high dollar for their obedience (watch below):

“This year, farmers are being offered 1.5 times the value of their crops to destroy them,” one man in the above video states. “They’re also being told by the federal government that they will not receive subsidies for farming if they refuse to destroy their crops.”

“That means that the farmer cannot afford to provide you with food based upon the taxes the government is levying on him if the government doesn’t give him back his tax money to provide you with food.”

If you are unfamiliar with the factory farming tax subsidy scam, be sure to check out one of our earlier articles from several years back, which explains how chemical agriculture is artificially propped up, and thus controlled, by the federal government.

“And, well, they’re not going to subsidize them if they don’t destroy the crops,” the same man in the video further explains. “We’ve got eight months to get our own food supply or we’re probably going to be facing mass starvation.”

Government also forcing oil to be dumped straight into the ground

In addition to food destruction, the Biden regime is also demanding that oil supplies be drained from tankers and dumped onto the ground.

At a time when gas in some parts of the country has now breached $5 a gallon, precious oil supplies are being pumped out of stockpiles and poured into the environment.

One of the clips in the above video shows a man explaining how he was told via letter that he had to pump out all the oil from a tanker and dump it or else face punishment. He filmed himself pumping the oil out of a hose attached to his truck onto a dirt path next to what appeared to be corn crops.

In another clip, a man at a warehouse also explained that he and his team have been ordered to stop unloading and distributing goods from shipping containers, many of which are still floating out in the ocean with nowhere to port.

What we are witnessing is the planned destruction of the country at the hands of tyrants. Food, oil and goods are being destroyed or refused entry into the country, which almost every person featured in the video warns will soon become obvious at stores and at the gas pump.

Right now, existing supplies of many consumer goods are somewhat enough to keep the shelves from going completely bare. But in the not-too-distant future, this is all going to catch up and the wreckage will become obvious to everyone.

“They receive orders to destroy their farms and oil supplies, ordering them to grind their crops into the ground and dump their oil all over the road – and the idiots are doing it!” wrote one commenter in condemnation of the people in the video who are just obeying orders.

“They’re actually destroying their own farms and supplies. What is surprising to me is many of them are fully aware they are destroying their farm products and are doing it anyway. I’ve never seen so many people this stupid. Something is fundamentally wrong with these people.”

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