Here’s the word from the ‘other side’ about the 2020 election…

  Source: Time Magazine The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election    BY MOLLY BALL  A weird thing happened right after the Nov. 3 election: nothing.
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Trump Won Two-Thirds of Election Lawsuits Where Merits Considered

  Source: The Epoch Times     BY MATTHEW VADUM    The claim often repeated by the mainstream media, social-media content moderators, and fact-checkers that lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump’s campaign and
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Time Magazine Reveals Astounding Inner Workings by Leftist Activists, Rioters, Big Biz, Big Tech and the Media to Oust Trump

  Source: Need To Know Time Magazine published a detailed description of how the left organized the ouster of President Donald Trump in the 2020 election. It is a window into
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Evidence Mounts that Capitol Breach Was Pre-Planned, Eroding Incitement Allegation in Trump Impeachment Trial

  Source: The Epoch Times   BY TOM OZIMEK    As former President Donald Trump’s Tuesday impeachment trial approaches, there is a growing body of evidence in criminal complaints and affidavits
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Anti-Trump media in a predicament as ratings nosedive

  Source: One News Now Analysts were wondering what was going to happen to the mainstream media once they no longer had Donald Trump to kick around. The ratings are
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FBI Lawyer Who Forged Email in Carter Page FISA Process Sentenced to Probation

  Source: The Epoch Times | BY IVAN PENTCHOUKOV   A federal judge on Jan. 29 sentenced former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith to 12 months of probation for forging an email that resulted in one of several
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In America Truth Is the Hardest Thing to Find

  By Paul Craig Roberts     The FBI and a grandstanding acting US attorney, Michael Sherwin, are after Trump supporters. The FBI has arrested 150 people for their alleged
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Trump Will Be ‘Actively Involved’ in Republican Politics, Not Interested in Third Party: Former Adviser

  Source: The Epoch Times   BY JACK PHILLIPS    A longtime adviser to former President Donald Trump said he will be “actively involved” in Republican Party politics going forward. “The
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Same pen that urges ‘Buy American’ put thousands out of work

  Source: One News Now Chris Woodward (   President Biden has signed an executive order directing federal agencies to “Buy American” but that patriotic promise is drawing mixed reviews
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In fractured country, Left determined it will define ‘unity’ and punish dissenters

  Source: One News Now Comparing our country’s post-election political climate to an emboldened Nazi regime is a provocative claim but the Left won’t stop openly stating it intends to
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Oregon Private Property Seizures – Telecom Corruption – Gates’ Land Grabs – and MORE…

  Source: The Liberty Beacon   Oregon Considering Bill for Seizure of Private Property by Governor January 18, 2021 1 Oregon Considering Bill for Emergency Seizure of Private Property Governor Brown
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  By Stewart Rhodes | … Patriots, keep your powder dry, your head on a swivel, and your gear ready to roll at moment’s notice. BE PREPARED TO MOVE.
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Democratic-led House votes for 2nd impeachment of Trump

  Source: One News Now   WASHINGTON (January 13, 2021) – A majority of the U.S. House has voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time, charged by
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New Impeachment NOT About Riots, About Stopping Trump Run in 2024

  Source: By BenSwann New Impeachment NOT About Riots, About Stopping Trump Run in 2024 – powered by The effort being put forward by House Democrats to Impeach President
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Mark Levin May Lose His Radio Show After He Was Handed One Ultimatum

  Source: Conservative Revival   The entire American left is like a group of sharks circling in the ocean. Democrats in Congress, corporate America and Big Tech see this moment
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Video Message from President Donald J. Trump 1/13/21

  Right Side Broadcasting Network   Hosted on RBN server:    

Trump DEFIANT! Here is the message of Hope he just gave to Top GOP Ally Rep. Gaetz


Only In Your Imagination Was That An Attempted “Coup” in D.C.

  via: The Liberty Beacon | By Michael Tracey    Only In Your Imagination Was That An Attempted “Coup” Or if not deluded, you have to believe that using such terminology serves some
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VIDEO: Capitol Police Allowed ‘Protesters’ To Pass The Barricades

  Trump Supporters No Where Near These People, Look Choreographed Police Pull Back And The Leader Waves Them In On Cue Just Before Trump Was Due To Arrive —
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President Trump Addresses the Nation on Capitol Hill Siege

BonginoReport  President Trump speaks about yesterday’s events      

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