“Come Heavily Armed”: Oregon Senator Threatens Violence As Governor Hunts Down Lawmakers

source: www.zerohedge.com by Tyler Durden Under the proposed cap-and-trade bill, Oregon would put an overall limit on greenhouse gas emissions and auction off pollution “allowances” for each ton of carbon industries plan
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Oregon’s SB-978 Gun Control Bill Is So Hysterically Restrictive That PEPPER SPRAY Is a Felony

  via: Lew Rockwell By Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper A new gun control bill introduced in the Oregon State Legislature added 45 pages of draconian amendments the night before the vote. SB978
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  Source: RTR TRUTH MEDIA | By Tom Lacovara It is a very sad day for Patriots everywhere. a friend and brother to many in the fight for freedom, Leo
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VIDEO: Malheur County Sheriff’s Department has a longstanding tradition of criminal behavior and corruption

Cliven Bundy’s Notice to Harney Co. Sheriff

Senate Sponsors Of Anti-Terror Law Silent On Feds Using It Against Oregon Ranchers

The Daily Caller | MICHAEL BASTASCH | 1:10 PM 01/11/2016 Senators who co-sponsored a 1996 anti-terrorism and death penalty law used by federal prosecutors to put two Oregon ranchers convicted of arson
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Obama Receives Shocking Message From Brother of Oregon Shooting Victim

Tea Party Update If you or your family member were a victim in Oregon what do you think you’d want to tell Obama? Do you think you’d ask him to
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Drug War’s End: Oregon Expunging Pot Records

East Bay Express | David Downs Oregon has taken the lead in righting some of the wrongs of the War on Weed. On Monday, The New York Times reported on Oregon’s
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A New Oath Keepers Standoff with the BLM? Not quite…

Source: Freedom Outpost Jason Van Tatenhove The Liberty Brothers April 19, 2015  I started hearing about this new “Bundy Ranch” styled standoff in Oregon with the BLM last Sunday. I
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Petition to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to initiate an investigation into widespread corruption and criminality in our Oregon Courts System, STATE and COUNTY Police Agencies

We, the Sovereign People of Oregon, and of these united states of America, the creators of government, raise our voices in unison to the increasing indifference shown to “We, the
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Oregon spends $300 million to achieve 44 total signups for Obamacare

Source: Natural News (NaturalNews) Well, it’s not much of a “win” for Obamacare, and it’s certainly not a victory for Oregon taxpayers. According to the Washington Examiner, the state’s healthcare exchange
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