Petition to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to initiate an investigation into widespread corruption and criminality in our Oregon Courts System, STATE and COUNTY Police Agencies

April 4, 2014 in News by The Manimal

We, the Sovereign People of Oregon, and of these united states of America, the creators of government, raise our voices in unison to the increasing indifference shown to “We, the Sovereign People” by our Public Servants, Judges and law enforcement personnel in their execution of unlawful enforcement of corporate policies which infringe upon the People’s Unalienable Rights granted us by our creator. Those Rights being the Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness which include the Right to Travel upon public roads for noncommercial purposes without seeking permission or license from Government.

Present law: Corporate administrative rules, regulations, and legislation do not apply to non-corporate natural people who stand in Common Law and in full legal capacity as one of the sovereign people. CRUDEN v NEALE, 2 N.C. 338 (1796) 2 S.E. 70. The law states: “There, every man is independent of all laws, except those prescribed by nature. He is not bound by any institutions formed by his fellowmen without his consent.”

A much simpler question has been asked and has remained unanswered during the time of prosecution/persecution over the last 11 years of Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient Natural man of the Sovereign people, one who is not subject to corporate policies through his non-consent or contract to the Fictional Government and its courts.

The question is very simple when asked repeatedly of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY COURTS in some 22 hearings and two trials, in which all judges refused to answer the fundamental question. “Does this fictional government have JURISIDICTION over this, or any other Living, Breathing, Flesh-and-Blood, Sentient, Natural Man who does not belong to the Corporate Government either through his consent or contract?”

Threatened with 35 to 40 years in prison, incarcerated 121 days in Solitary Confinement, of 128 days awaiting Trial, this living man remained in custody of the JOSEPHINE COUNTY JAIL and although the JURISTIC PERSON/DEFENDANT, created by government through birth certification was convicted in both trials, when the ritual of sentencing came, Raymond Ronald Karczewski© , near death from 2 combined jail protest hunger strikes of 55 days refused to accept the courts offer of sentencing, as the court had not proven JURISDICTION, nor had linked the convicted fictional defendant to this living man. The Convictions Stood, but the living man was thrown out of jail instead of into prison, with NO CHARGES HANGING OVER HIS HEAD.

As a result of the two Fraudulent Trials, COUNTY OF JOSEPHINE Lien # 624711 filed June 18th 2003 and the STATE OF OREGON Lien # #627068 filed July 10th, 2003 remained valid in the UCC Records section of the Oregon Secretary of States Office for some time, and had NO RELEVANCE whatsoever to the two bogus trials. Both valid liens were ordered removed along with the actual relevant liens which were the STATE’S case for prosecuting the bogus charges of “Simulation of Legal Process.” by Jackson County Judge WILLIAM PURDY who directed the Secretary of States office, UCC Division to UNLAWFULLY REMOVE such liens without cause. Jackson County Judge William Purdy committed a Crime when doing so.

For the last 11 years, the statewide government cover-up has remained intact, and I have been STONEWALLED in attempting to secure an answer to the question of JURISDICTION over non-consensual, non contracting living men and women, along with a demand that government show cause for such unlawful removal of established liens.

Raymond Ronald Karczewski©, a living man of the Sovereign People has filed UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE LIENS upon the various perpetrator Judges, District Attorneys, Sheriffs, and has sought redress at every available avenue open to the Public. All to no avail. The STONEWALL OF SILENCE REMAINED. See:

This Issue not only impacts the government’s economic foundation, it also erodes the trust of the People and exposed the Criminal Scam of Oregon Government’s unlawfully and unconstitutionally requiring of Commercial Driver Licenses for all who hold to their Sovereign Right to Travel Freely under our Unalienable right to Liberty without seeking permission of our Servant Government.

Such unyielding criminal behavior by our elected State and County officials to the plight of its people constitutes a continuous breach of trust, duty and obligation imposed upon them under authority of the Constitution of the United States of America; and if allowed to continue, will have devastating effect upon the Rights, Privileges, Immunities, and Liberties of all sovereign people.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that WE the Undersigned demand that Governor John Kitzhaber of Oregon initiate a full, independent Investigation consisting of government and civilian personnel into the Corruption and cover up by all Public Officials, involved in the unlawful removal of the Liens pertaining to the STATE OF OREGON and JOSEPHINE COUNTY v. Raymond Ronald Karczewski© and its criminal application of demanding driver licenses for Living men and women who retain their unalienable Right To Travel, upon Oregon Roadways.

Author of Petition: Raymond Ronald Karczewski©
C/o General Delivery
Cave Junction Oregon (97523)

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Petition to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to Initiate an Investigation into Widespread Corruption and Criminality In our Oregon Courts System and STATE and COUNTY Police Agencies.

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Circulator’s Name Address Date:

Petition to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to Initiate an Investigation into Widespread Corruption and Criminality In our Oregon Courts System and STATE and COUNTY Police Agencies.

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Circulator’s Name Address Date:

Petition to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to Initiate an Investigation into Widespread Corruption and Criminality In our Oregon Courts System and STATE and COUNTY Police Agencies.

Name Printed and Signed Street Address City and State