Joe Biden Just Recruited An ARMY…You Won’t Believe What Kind and Why…They Plan To Take It All!

  via: Freedom4um Freedom4um Poster Comment: An army of lawyers.          

The Impeachment Witnesses, a Parade of Delusional Deep State Zombies

  via: Russia-Insider | (Moon of Alabama) During yesterday’s impeachment hearing at the House House Judiciary Committee one of the Democrats’ witnesses made some rather crazy statements. Pamela Karlan, a Stanford
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AMERICA’S CORRUPTION CLUB Let’s follow the trail……

  Source: IWB ALL DOTS CONNECTED…Clintons, Mueller, Rosenstein, Comey, Learner, plus secret guests … Lets PLAY FOLLOW THE TRAIL… via The Patriot Mind:   Let’s follow the trail…… Here’s what it
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  via: BLACKLISTED NEWS   SOURCE: ZERO HEDGE Just over a month ago we wrote about the curious case of Frank Ranelli of Alabama and the growing problem of asset forfeitures all across
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‘Not Even Sympathetic’: CBS Fires Top Lawyer Who Slammed Vegas Victims as ‘Republican Gun Toters’

  Source: MRCTV | Brittany M. Hughes A top lawyer for CBS was reportedly fired Monday after claiming on social media that she’s “not even sympathetic” toward the 58 killed and more than 500 wounded during a
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Attorneys, as Esquires, are not Citizens of the United States of America

  via: From the Trenches World Report Criminal Government – by John E. Trumane As the story goes, there is a painting somewhere in the vast hallways of the Smithsonian museum
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Social media users warned against falsely calling politicians paedophiles

“Defamation on Facebook, Twitter, whatever social media site contains exactly the same penalties as if it appeared in a newspaper,” he said. “The only difficulty we sometimes get is identifying
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