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Georgia Sheriff’s Concealed Carry Sign: ‘If You Kill Someone, We Might Kill You Back’

April 8, 2018 in News by Ken


Sheriff Mike Jolley posted a sign welcoming travelers to Harris County, Georgia, with the warning, “If you kill someone, we might kill you back.”

The sign focuses on concealed carry and is meant to warn criminals that citizens are ready to defend themselves.

According to Fox News, the sign says, “Our citizens have concealed weapons. If you kill someone, we might kill you back. We have ONE jail and 356 cemeteries. Enjoy your stay!”

Sheriff Jolley’s previous sign said, “WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you…LEAVE!”

Jolley spent 20 years in the Army and made clear that he can handle it if people disagree with his point of view. Yet he stressed, “Hopefully, if they disagree, they can voice that opinion. But if it offends them, truly offends them, maybe they’re in the wrong country.”



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