Black Florida Sheriff Vows to Deputize Gun Owners If Violent Protests Erupt

July 4, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Clay County, Florida: Darryl Daniels, an African-American Sheriff, announced that he and his fellow officers will not tolerate the type of destruction, violence, and murder that Black Lives Matter and Antifa rained down on other cities. Trump will be attending the upcoming Republican National Committee that will be held in nearby Jacksonville county in August. The BLM / Antifa mob have promised to bus in thousands of domestic terrorists to harass, intimidate, and potentially murder Trump supporters or members of the conservative media. Sheriff Daniels warned that if there aren’t enough officers to handle an influx of protesters, he will make the gun owners of Clay County “special deputies” in order to quell domestic terrorist and insurrectionist activity. [Be sure to play the short video of the Sherrif’s statement. It will make you proud of the police for a change.] -GEG