Moscow Proposes Joint US/Russian Coalition Against Terrorists Washington Supports

May 20, 2016 in News by Slad

Source: Freedom 4um  | By Stephen Lendman

Give Moscow credit for trying – its proposal another offer America will either refuse or undermine if accepts.

Why would Washington bomb terrorists it invested so much into recruiting, arming, funding, training and directing – wanting endless war continued to depose Assad, polar opposite Russia’s all-out efforts for diplomatic conflict resolution.

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said US/Russian joint operations against terrorists in Syria would enhance prospects for peace. He suggested beginning them on May 25 against ISIS, Jabhat al- Nusra and other groups not supporting ceasefire – as well as on convoys carrying arms and munitions to terrorist fighters from Turkey.

Beginning on May 25, Russia “reserve(s) the right to conduct unilateral strikes…on…international terrorist organizations and illegal armed units” not agreeing to ceasefire.

In late March, Moscow warned Washington of its intention to unilaterally strike armed groups continuing to wage war on Syria and its people.

Daily violations continue in northern Syria, suburban Damascus and other areas. Washington supports terrorists involved in furthering conflict.

Endless war continues to replace Assad with pro-Western puppet governance. He blames US-led Western hegemony allied with regional rogue states in raping Syria for over five years.

Conflict resolution is likely years away at best. A permanent made-in-the USA state of war now exists.

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