New York Times Forced to Admit the Truth about Its Content

April 12, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patrioticviralnews

During the run-up to the 2016 election, former President Donald Trump exposed the fact that left-wing radicals within the legacy media knowingly perpetuated fake news and spread misinformation. Democrats had long used the dishonest liberal media as a resource to push its socialist, America last policies.

But the Trumpian takedown of the media hasn’t prevented them from continuing scurrilous campaigns to sow the seeds of doubt when investigative journalists nail Democrats for corruption. This thought-provoking video drills down on a case in which the biased New York Times worked overtime to undermine fact-based Project Veritas evidence and purposely spread fake news and misinformation.


During the last election, radical Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s campaign workers went door to door implying that residents would earn money for filling out ballots, ensuring the Democrat won. Project Veritas caught wind of the voter fraud and skillfully videotaped evidence that exposed the scheme. Rather than jump on a newsworthy story brimming with election controversy, a pair of New York Times reporters went to work bent on discrediting first-hand video accounts.

What the dishonest New York Times did to cover up the voter fraud scheme and make its dwindling readership believe Project Veritas are nothing more than partisan hacks crossed a journalistic and legal line. Now Project Veritas has them in court, and it could set a precedent that forces media outlets to tell the truth. Watch this video and find out how the disgraced New York Times is being brought to heel.