Police with battering ram raid Venezuelan Embassy in DC & arrest anti-coup activists (VIDEOS)

May 16, 2019 in News, Video by RBN

In clear violation of international law, police broke into Venezuela’s embassy in Washington DC, arresting activists invited by staff. They prevented the building from being seized by US-backed coup leader Juan Guaido’s people.

After spending over a month camped out in the embassy, the final four activists of the Venezuelan Embassy Protection Collective have been placed under arrest after police broke down doors and entered the premises on Thursday.


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An image presumably showing the moment of the arrest of the four activists of the . In the photo that appears to be a screenshot of another image, you see David Paul, Adrienne Pine and Margaret Flowers.
Photo via: .@AlinaTelesur

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Photos of the raid show heavily armed police with battering rams, cutting tools and body armor surrounding the building.


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More cops going in

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Michele Banks@artologica

Guy with enormous bolt-cutters just came out (not a euphemism)

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Shortly after the break-in, an ambulance arrived at the scene and a gurney was wheeled inside. It is still unclear who needed the help and why.


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Gurney going into embassy

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Venezuela had not authorized US authorities to enter the building, Vice-Minister for North American Relations, Carlos Ron, wrote on Twitter. Under the 1961 Vienna Convention, embassies are considered sovereign territory of the government they represent, making the action a violation of international law.


Carlos Ron@CarlosJRonVE

Let it be clear. The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela does not authorize the entrance of any US law enforcement officers into our former Embassy building in Washington. Any such entrance is an unlawful breach of the Vienna Convention.

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Despite the failure of self-declared ‘interim president’ Juan Guaido to launch a coup last month, US authorities continue to recognize his government as the legal authority in Venezuela. A note on the building the day before the raid stated that the US doesn’t recognize the authority of President Nicolas Maduro’s staff, and urged the activists to “depart immediately.


Medea Benjamin@medeabenjamin

“We denounce the arrest of the members who were staying in the Embassy with our permission,” say Dep. Foreign Minister Carlos Ron. “We do not authorize any of the coup representatives to enter the Embassy.”

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Conflict between the activists inside the office and supporters of Juan Guaido intensified after the coup effort fell flat. Crowds of people opposed to Maduro’s government have been gathering outside the premises attempting to blockade the people inside from receiving food and other vital resources. Police arrested several people for attempting to throw food and hygiene supplies in, while authorities cut off the power and water supply.