Portland Rioters Harass Elderly Women. Antifa and BLM Invade the Suburbs.

August 10, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Source:  needtoknownews

Elderly woman harassed by Antifa-BLM militants, Youtube

Saturday night Portland Police precipitated a riot as Antifa broke into a union hall and started a fire. Later in the night, Antifa-BLM militants roved into residential neighborhoods in Portland, chanting “Black Lives Matter” and then threatened to burn an apartment house down when a tenant said they needed to sleep.Last Thursday, two women in their seventies were attacked by Antifa mercenaries Thursday night as they tried to defend the East Precinct of the Portland Bureau of Police. One of the women, a 73-year-old who uses a walker, was blocked and harassed when she tried to use her fire extinguisher to put out a fire in a trash barrel. She had made a BLM sign to show her support for the group but discovered the hard way that she was dealing with people who had the destruction of America as their goal, not racial justice. The other woman had blue paint dumped on her as she tried to reason with the mob. -GEG

On the second night in a row of vandalism and protests outside the Portland Police Bureau’s East Precinct, two neighbors—both in their 70s—stood up against protesters responsible for the destruction.

“Wednesday night they broke windows, it was a real mess,” said 73-year-old Penny.

By Thursday, Penny had had enough. As protesters lit a fire outside East Precinct, Penny grabbed her fire extinguisher, her homemade Black Lives Matter sign, and with the help of her walker, made her way to the precinct to put out the flames.

“I’m very, very pro-Black Lives Matter,” said Penny. “But I just think vandalism sabotages the message.”

Video taken by Portland Tribune reporter Zane Sparling captured the moments after Penny put out the fire. She said protesters approached her and lit the fire again.

“There was a young woman and a man and they wouldn’t let me by,” said Penny. “While I was arguing with the young woman, the man grabbed [the fire extinguisher] and ran away. I thought, ‘Shoot, I have no fire extinguisher.’”

At the same time, other protesters were splashing paint against the precinct’s boarded-up windows. Some of it splattered into Penny’s hair. That was nothing compared to what 77-year-old Cobey went through. Protesters dumped paint on top of her and tossed yellow caution tape on her head.

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