REPORT: Big George Soros Money Is Starting To Flow Into Global Refugee Crisis

February 1, 2017 in News by Slad


Source: American Lookout


Globalist liberal billionaire George Soros’ money has apparently just started to flow into the refugee crisis.

Inside Philanthropy reports:

With the United States moving to ban refugees from around the world, efforts to help these people where they are will now become even more important. No philanthropist is doing more on this front than George Soros. 

Toward the end of last year, Soros declared that the world’s “collective failure” to help the tens of millions of refugees worldwide had “contributed greatly to human misery and political instability.” The hedge fund billionaire committed $500 million in private investment capital to “invest in startups, established companies, social impact initiatives, and businesses founded by migrants and refugees themselves.” 

That’s some serious money. And now we’re starting to get a better sense of how it will be used. 

Wherever there’s a liberal crisis, Soros is always involved.