(VIDEO) Fascism: Joe Biden Considering Declaring a National Climate Emergency

April 24, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

source:  gatewaypundit


Credit: Fox Business Screenshot

Fascism: Joe Biden Considering Declaring a National Climate Emergency and Giving Himself “COVID-Like” Powers Without Congressional Approval (VIDEO)

Facing dire polling numbers and a lack of left-wing enthusiasm for his “re-election” campaign, Joe Biden is considering taking an extreme measure that should send chills down the spines of any American who values liberty.

During an April 19 broadcast of the Fox Business Show The Bottom Line with Dagen and Duffy, co-host Sean Duffy revealed that the Biden White House told Fox Business that it is considering defying the Constitution and declaring a climate emergency. He then turned to his guest Marc Morano, a former Republican political aide who runs a climate change skeptic website called ClimateDepot.com, and asked him what impact it would have.

Morano cited an NBC News report indicating that if Biden declared a climate emergency, he would have COVID-like emergency powers. This would include the ability to implement the socialist Green New Deal along with up to 130 measures without approval from Congress.


Sean Duffy: The White House told Fox Business that it is now considering declaring a national “climate emergency.” If the President declares a climate emergency, what impact would that have?

Marc Morano: This is the serious story of the day. NBC News has reported that if Joe Biden declared a national climate emergency, he would have COVID-like powers under that emergency, and NBC also compared the climate emergency powers to the 911 emergency powers. The Center for Biological Diversity has estimated Joe Biden would get about 130 wartime-like powers by which to bypass democracy and impose the Green New Deal on America without a single vote of Congress.

This is truly a Halloween story, not a story for Earth Day. This is a truly frightening story, and he might just be desperate enough to declare it.

Bloomberg reports the unchecked powers “could be used to curtail crude exports, suspend offshore drilling and curb greenhouse gas emissions.” The Biden regime believes this would enable them to meet climate targets with the stroke of a pen despite the deleterious impact it would have on millions of American jobs.

Bloomberg also notes that some White House officials believe that declaring a climate emergency would also energize leftist climate voters months before the election.

White House spokesman Angelo Fernandez Hernandez played coy when asked by Bloomberg about the possible climate declaration.

“President Biden has treated the climate crisis as an emergency since day one and will continue to build a clean energy future that lowers utility bills, creates good-paying union jobs, makes our economy the envy of the world, and prioritizes communities that for too long have been left behind,” said Hernandez.