This All Boils Down to Our Children

August 11, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  thelibertybeacon

This All Boils Down to Our Children

Commentary by: Roger Landry (TLB)

So how many of you reading this have children? Children are so not in the cross-hairs of the supposed Coronavirus … not even close with a stated survival rate of over 99.98%. Hell even the yearly flu beats the crap out of that in fatalities. And masks are not protecting your children … they are destroying their health and their social maturation. But you are not told this and those who will must now be made to look stupid, seditious or even dangerous.

And the life they wish to impose on your children (actually all of us) is one of isolation, sickness and authoritarian overlords. I never thought I would live to see a Marxist America … where the definition of disinformation and misinformation is dictated only by those in power, or by those who own those in power (Globalists).

I would like to slow down a bit and take the time to dissect just one issue … a very big and vital issue …

Will you allow your child to be vaccinated against COVID-19?

Those who already have are probably not reading this, but for those who have not decided yet, let’s put this into perspective. When a past vaccine undergoing trials was responsible for just over 50 deaths, it was pulled never to be heard from again. Yet today we are being coerced and outright threatened to take an Experimental Gene Therapy (does not qualify as a vaccine) that is Only Authorized for Emergency Use, and is known to be responsible for tens, if not hundreds of thousands of deaths, globally (with some experts saying even millions) … or else … Nuremberg anyone?

Some of us are very aware of the swath of suffering and death this (supposed) vaccine has already left in its path. But most are not as it is intentionally buried or discredited via outright lies called truth, or today’s insane excuse for ‘science’. The permanent disability and death associated with this gene therapy are already more than the combined total of every other (real) vaccine.

We are now looking at the most destructive medical product in recorded history (globally). And the real kicker … we have no clue what reactions or associated adverse events will turn up over the next few years, or even more concerning … decades! This is the uncertainty of messing with our DNA and forcing it on the entire population with little to no ‘Informed Consent’. Will humanity just start dropping dead in a few years, will fertility drop off a cliff, will cancer explode? The answer is … They Don’t Know, but are doing it anyway … which should scare the hell out of all of us!

And why is there such a massive and unrelenting push to vaccinate over 7.5 billion people for basically … the flu … with a product that may turn out to be worse than the supposed virus … all while ignoring cheap and readily available drugs proven to knock COVID to the ground for a very cheap price compared to Big Pharma (supposed) vaccines … WHY? Why is this vaccine so important?

Was this the plan all along?

  1. Why do you bring a prosperous and thriving Republic (or any country) to its knees via fear of something that does not make a good showing even against the yearly flu (if it isn’t actually the yearly flu)?

  2. Why would you uses a test (PCR) that experts have been saying since day one is not even compatible with the task assigned to it … making for as many as 90% plus, false positives?

  3. Why would you use that false (PCR) information to imprison an entire nation or planet, destroying a massive number of livelihoods and futures?

  4. Why would you then tell them that to get even a little normalcy back you must be injected with something that is proven to be ineffective, dangerous, and on far too many occasions … Fatal!

Why would you do any of this unless the scamdemic was never the reason for the massive global destruction of lives and economies, just a means to accomplish this. None of the above needed to happen … but it did, and its destructive power is once again re-surging to try and dampen the fact that more and more of We the People are waking up to this reality. Reality and knowledge are not friends of these globalists, but that is exactly what is spreading rapidly today.

So lets ask this MASSIVE QUESTION – Does COVID-19 (sars-cov-2) even exist: 

To make all this perfectly clear … This entire global economic and health disaster was caused by forced reaction to a global pandemic that no one can scientifically prove even exists … But hey, you damn well better get your vaccination/s or else !!!

But back to our children because they ARE humanities future!

I would like to discuss a ‘hypothetical’ field day for an entire metropolitan area’s elementary school district to its commercial airport for the day.

All the buses have arrived with just over 1,000 students, each with a parent are all gathered in a large empty commercial jet hanger to listen to an introduction from the airport’s Administrative Director. After the intro and explanations the mic is turned over to the airports flight director who makes the following announcement:

Today we have a huge surprise for you! Over the next 10 hours all of you students will be taken up in these commercial planes (points to planes sitting outside hanger), and after careful instruction, will be parachuting from those planes with a coach, piggyback, to this landing area. Now I know some of you are concerned but please understand that only one out of a thousand chutes (and backups) wont open, making your odds very good.

Now If I (me) could, I would ask all the parents attending that field day with their kids one question …

Knowing that there are over 1,000 students, and all will be parachuting to the ground … but at least one chute & backup by the odds, wont open … Which of you parents will allow your child to go up on those planes? … Crickets …

Yet most of these are the same parents that would allow their child to be injected with a Gene Therapy that is known to be massively unsafe when compared to ANY real vaccine. It’s not fully researched, is not approved for anything but emergency use, and has actually never been proven to exist … And all this for a flu like discomfort, that probably IS the flu, something that rarely if ever even slows children down. Please explain to me how the Plane ride and the Gene Therapy are not BOTH just another name for Russian Roulette … something else you would NOT permit your child to partake in … willingly, or knowingly !!!

Read that again and if you can find flaw in my reasoning … I would sure as hell like to know what it is please!

Our children are humanities future and can only work with what we leave them. Please stop for a moment and consider what I just said. If we leave them a Marxist/Corporatist world that allows no personal ownership, thought, or freedom … how will you be remembered ???

Due to the most destructive mechanism ever perpetrated on humanity … the COVID-19 Plandemic … a choreographed scenario intended to accomplish Global Governance and massively intrusive control, mankind is being forced to the precipice of either revolution or servitude. The truly sad part of my last comment is … it is neither false or exaggerated,


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