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My name is Keith Rodgers
I live in a small town in Western Montana.

I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and enjoyed much of my youth from the age of 16 on. I was in a near fatal car wreck in November of 1975 and was in a coma for about two weeks.

Like most people I have done about anything you can think of except hard illegal drugs. I’ve enjoyed many wonderful friend throughout my entire life and that includes people of other religions, races and sex.

I don’t care who or what you are personally as long as in what ever you do that you are not hurting other people.

I was married in September of 1987 and had a wonderful marriage to a beautiful woman and we successfully raised three beautiful daughters. My marriage lasted 21 years. I am divorced and my time now is spent with my wonderful dogs.

I’m also disabled now and having a few medical issues that have worsened due to a botched surgery over two years ago in April of 2017.

In my youth I got into ham radio at the age of 16 and I started talking with people all over this planet. My hobby has been going for 43 years. There’ll be a link to my hobby here later.

I learned long ago about those who are in power who lie to people. This country needs an eternal enemy to justify if massive spending and to wage illegal wars on others for the Corporations who actually run this country.

Most of my radio communications was done using Morse Code for nearly two years. Then I passed my General class operators license and the world of voice communications was opened to me.

In one such contact I talked to another boy in the then Soviet Union. I asked him what it was like to grow up in Russia?

His response has stayed with me my entire life to where he replied, “Imagine anything that you are doing I am doing, then he added with emphasis the word ANYTHING again.” At 19 years old my life flashed before me is seconds of all the things I was doing, some things were good and some were bad.

Then he went on to say, “I want a home, wife, family, dog and a yard for a garden, but because the the Cold War I was, and like most of my friends, were all faced with inscription into our military and has put all of our lives on hold.

Today anyone with internet access can watch the thousands of videos on YouTube or other places in social media and see that boy’s and girl’s for all walks of life are friends no matter their sexual preference’s, their color of skin or whether they have or haven’t got some God to worship. We are all the same.

Information: Today’s Russian Federation is 86% Orthodox Christian’s. Those in power don’t want you to think of that. It would be wise if you are young and reading this that you study the events of WWI’s “Christmas Truce.”

Just imagine boys, soldiers fighting and killing their own spiritual brethren (Christians) and then stop fighting on the eve of Christmas to reflect on their Lord and Savior Christ Jesus?

Where in the pause… They showered, drank, played soccer and shared letters from home with each other. The absolute horror of learning that the other boy your trying to kill is just like you! That event is confirmed in many diaries of that day.

Some people believe what their governments say, as if in their belief’s that God is only on your side and that should you get to your assumed Heaven??? That only the country that you live in will have it’s Flag flying there. Do you realize how stupid that sounds?

Anyways, enjoy the site…

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