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The Show


The Federal Government and most state governments are dissolved by alteration of their constitutional provisions by law without amendment or approval of the people either directly or via their representatives.
Said dissolved governments are acting in defense of tyranny against efforts of the people to restore or create lawful government.
The tyrants are using Eventocracy or Emergencies to claim and take power they cannot obtain lawfully to control the population.


The Host

Ron Avery designed, built and operated the Silver Eagle Taphouse in McQueeney, Texas where he hosted many seminars and speaking events of famous patriots from all over the nation and world.
Ron has been to the Supreme Court of Texas about seven times over the last 30 years. Two of the websites below show in detail the court proceedings for most of his lawsuits.

Websites of Ron Avery:

  • – Why Covid-19 is both state terrorism and tyranny and why well armed unorganized militias are lawful everywhere in the cosmos.
  • – Pay Per View Live Streams and archives of special events.
  • – Challenge the lawfulness of “property taxation.”
  • – Exposed unlawful Sovereign Immunity of the state to harm its own citizens; Exposed the corruption of case law and legislation to protect the mass media cartel from legitimate libel claims and protect its false narratives.
  • – Exposes theological heresy and the falling away of the church that has let Satan out of the pit to return to deceiving the nations for a short season.
  • – Why the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence is a hoax like unto Covid-19 and 9-11, all of which are attacks upon Christianity in one way or another.
  • – Free live streams of various events and of Stop the Presses with Mark Anderson here on RBN which he will continue to do.

Ron had a show on about 13 years ago when it played on an FM station in Ocala, Florida, that he simulcast on and


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