Oregon rancher receives government request to survey his property – read his brilliant response

Source: www.patheos.com by Mark Meckler So many people cave in and bend over backwards to accommodate the most ridiculous requests of federal and state governments, but this story is a reminder
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This comical beat it parody features Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and their attempt to destroy thousands of classified emails from their home server. Make sure to subscribe for more
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“Maybe it’s worth a shot.” – Hillary Clinton

It is time to start FIRING judges, not Impeaching them!

Source: The Truth About the Law May 4, 2015  We the sheeple all dutifully learned in our government schools that Federal Judges are appointed for “life” and can “only be
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What Happens When Teachers, Delivery People And Fast Food Workers Don’t Care Anymore…

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network One of the big problems in America today is that a lot of people simply do not seem to care about what they are
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