The American Awakening with Michael Herzog

SHOWTIME: Special to The National Intel Report – Tuesdays 5-7pm CT



In the fall of 2005, growing increasingly skeptical of content being reported via ‘Mainstream Media’ outlets, Michael Herzog arose from his sofa and walked over to his seldom used computer. Unbeknownst to him at the time, his journey through cyberspace, accompanied by his Private Investigator credentials, would lead down a path to some very disconcerting realities. Over the next few months, he began to uncover, dissect and analyze what would amount to volumes of writings, news articles, books, videos, magazine publications. Cross referencing & verifying some material as well as discounting other, he eventually came to the disturbing conclusion that the American People are not being told the truth about their Government, its agenda, the war effort, the so called ‘War on Terror, the ‘War on Drugs,’ vaccines, pharmaceuticals, the banking system along with scores of other issues that would contribute to diligent Americans making informed decisions.

Michael also confirmed the saying ‘History is written by the winners’ in his discovery that much of what he learned and is currently being taught about our history & Government in the public school system is heavily fabricated.

He also realized that the powers that be are deliberately creating a false illusion for America while they embark on a nefarious agenda for world domination while stripping away Constitutional rights & creating an ever tightening police state. In 2006, armed with his epiphany of new knowledge and using his God Given talents, he took to the airwaves to educate, enlighten & warn his fellow American brothers & sisters of what they can expect if the direction we’re headed isn’t reversed.

Michael has a background in finance, and is also certified in private investigation as well as a musician and licensed pilot.


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