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I was always naturally curious about seeming anomalies in the world, from things like the Great Pyramids and ancient monoliths, to reports of what are most commonly called paranormal events and seeming miracles.
At some point in my late childhood, I was given a copy of The Complete Works of Charles Fort, and I was inspired to look into the more interesting mysteries of our world.
Growing up on the beach and in the surf almost daily, in Venice/Santa Monica (aka DogTown) California, inspired a certain rebellious individuality.
Later I was introduced to The Tao of Physics, and my awareness began to blossom.
Starting not long after the events of 9/11/2001, I developed enough pattern recognition, critical thinking, and discernment skill to allow me to conjure logical, well informed understandings of the level of deception and globally orchestrated oppression that the self appointed “Robber Barron” ruling class misfits has subjected humanity to for eons.
This started to ruffle my feathers, and then, inspired by Luke Rudkowski speaking truth to power with Henry Kissinger, I embarked on a bumpy path of activism and video journalism, to fight back against the evil supremacists enslaving humanity.
As a co founder of WeAreChangeLosAngeles, I came to relish the rewarding experiences of standing up to bullies and con artists.
Being informed and engaged is addictive, and I keep needing a stronger fix!


In response to the evil of the Third Reich, a small group of activists in Germany, lead by brother and sister Sophie and Hans Scholl, along with a few friends and colleagues, stood up to rally strength of moral and intellectual character in their countrymen against Hitler.
This was the White Rose Resistance group.
The series of leaflets they produced and distributed are amazing, and pertinent to what amounts to today’s roll-out of the Fourth Reich.
Sophie and her friends were captured and killed for their efforts, so this radio show, and much of my other efforts, is done to honor them and the courage and morality they championed.
The background of the flag which symbolizes our latest, shared, defensive battle against these vermin is the flag of the Sons of Liberty, who mustered in deviance of British oppression, and in perilous yet successful defense of Freedom.
Now it’s our turn.
“Everything that is done now, should be done in a sacred manner, and in celebration; for we are the ones we have been waiting for” – Hopi Elders
“Duty is mine, results I will leave up to God” – General George Washington
“Act boldly, and powerful forces will align with you” – Unknown
“Few victories in life can match the initial one, of parting company with your fellow spectators, and stepping into the arena” – Stewart Howe
Stewart Howe
Sandpoint Idaho
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