Birth of a New Earth Radio w/ Jeanice Barcelo

SHOW TIME: Saturday, 8pm CT 






Birth of a New Earth Radio is pleased to be joining Republic Broadcasting Network on Saturdays at 10pm EST.
This cutting-edge show will involve an in-depth exploration of the shadow side of western society, especially as it concerns the dark underworld of the medical establishment and the techniques of mind control now being used to socially engineer humanity.



Jeanice Barcelo, the host of the show, has a particular interest in the topics of human sexuality, human relationships, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. She is an expert in the healing and prevention of birth trauma and is acutely aware of the techniques the dark forces are using to manipulate sexual behavior and mind control babies and children through exposure to noxious technologies and images. Jeanice has offered numerous talks and webinars on the topic of pornography and what porn is doing to our children and families. She is also an outspoken antagonist against wireless and ultrasonic devices and has written books about the dangers of wireless and ultrasonic technologies and the harm these technologies are causing our children, our families, our pets, and all living things in our environment.

After more than 20 years of research on these and other topics, Jeanice has concluded that the current autism epidemic in the western world (now afflicting 1 in 30 children the United States), is being driven by exposure to ultrasound during gestation combined with parental use of wireless devices that are causing genetic damage to the sperm and eggs of the parents. Jeanice is aware that vaccines are throwing children over the edge into autism, but believes the groundwork for the neurological, genetic, mitochondrial and brain damage is being laid in the womb through medical interference in the prenatal and birth process and through prenatal exposure to ultrasonic and wireless radiation.

All of these topics and more will be addressed at Birth of a New Radio. Please join us on Saturdays at 1pm eastern and feel free to call in to ask questions during the second half of the show.



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