2024: The Year America Ceases to Exist

February 14, 2024 in News by RBN Staff

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February 14, 2024

In 234 years of American history, no president has been criminally prosecuted.  The entire world knows that the felony and civil charges against Trump are fabricated and concocted.  It is obvious that the Democrat Party  uses law as a weapon against political opponents just as Stalin did.  Democrats are the worst and most dangerous enemy the Constitution and American citizens have ever had.CLARKE, STEPHENBest Price: $8.17Buy New $12.63(as of 04:13 UTC – Details)

The Democrats , focused on maintaining and expanding their one-party state, have a problem. Biden’s own Justice (sic) Department has ruled Biden mentally unfit to stand trial for compromising US security by having possession of unauthorized national security documents and leaving US national security documents in unsecured locations.  So how can Biden be allowed to run for president if he is mentally incompetent to stand for trial for a felony because of mental incapacity?

As I have written on this website and said in interviews, one way out for the Democrats, America’s worst enemies who are legitimizing sexual perversion, maintaining open borders so Americans can be over-run with taxpayer supported immigrant-invaders, and maintaining hostility toward Russia, China, and Iran, thus inviting America’s destruction, is to replace Biden with Hillary.  

The other way, and perhaps both will be used together, is for the White House puppet of the ruling elite to orchestrate with the World Economic Forum member, the Governor of Texas, a border conflict and possible “civil war” threat that justifies martial law and the suspension of the presidential election.Buy New $16.99 ($0.19 / Count)(as of 04:14 UTC – Details)

It doesn’t take much intelligence to see that both outcomes are already being set in place.

Everywhere in the white Western world we see that the white governments discriminate against white citizens in favor of the Ukrainian refugees and third world immigrant invaders.  I learned today that the living standard in Ireland of the Ukrainian refugees and immigrant-invaders, paid for by the Irish people is higher than the average living standard of Irish citizens.  Irish farmers are faced with a wipeout of their assets as the government intends to destroy one million sheep and 200,000 cows to please the global warming agenda.

Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians is not the only genocide being committed today.  The white governments of the Western countries are committing genocide against their own white citizens.  The United States, Europe, Canada have open borders not for white people but for people of color who are outside the Western tradition. Try bringing in a European girlfriend, and you will see that immigration is not for white people.

Every Western government is busy at work erasing white civilization.  These governments are our deadly enemies. But the indoctrinated populace will never see it.