21 Times Exiting Rep. Luis Gutierrez Touted Open-Borders

November 28, 2017 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Breitbart | JOHN BINDER


As Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) is reportedly set to exit Congress, Breitbart News revisits 21 reports showing the pro-amnesty Congressman at his most extreme, unhinged open-borders moments.

1. That time when Luis Gutierrez Said His “Only One Loyalty” Was to Immigrants, Not Americans

Gutierrez has worked tirelessly to expand immigration levels and open America’s borders up to the rest of the world. As Gutierrez once declared, “I have only one loyalty…and that’s to the immigrant community.”

2. When Luis Gutierrez Came Unhinged on an Immigration Expert During a Congressional Hearing

Gutierrez accused [the Center for Immigration Studies’ Jessica] Vaughan of “exploiting” Steinle’s death by pointing out that defiant local authorities refused to cooperate with immigration law enforcement, and that Gutierrez himself scoffed at her murder.

Gutierrez, always audacious, adopted Steinle’s murder as a way to plug his own political career.

“Apparently,” Gutierrez said as he removed his glasses and gathered himself up in a fury, “people have decided to besmirch people’s reputation, and take their words, and exploit the death of a beautiful young American woman. And I will not simply stand here and remain silent while that happens. You may not believe that we should have, Mrs. Vaughan, a fixing of our broken immigration system. But don’t exploit a young woman’s death in order to receive a paycheck to put food on your table.”

That Americans have lost beloved family members to illegal aliens made no impression on Gutierrez. He demanded Vaughan stop talking about immigration altogether.

“You should find a more decent and practical way about going about your living,” he shouted.

3. When Luis Gutierrez Supported Rep. Paul Ryan for House Speaker So He Could Push His Open Borders Agenda

Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s endorsement of Paul Ryan for Speaker of the House has drawn new attention to Ryan’s two-decade history of pushing for open borders immigration policies. A previously little noticed 2013 video of Ryan and Gutierrez stumping for Sen. Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill—in which the two make a candid pitch for unlimited immigration—shows just how far Ryan is willing to go to push for open borders policies.

In the wide-ranging 53-minute video, which took place in Chicago, both Gutierrez and Ryan outline their shared plan for adopting open borders: that is, a national policy of allowing companies to bring in and hire as many foreign workers as they would like. This “free movement” of people across national boundaries is the centerpiece of the open borders ideology to which Ryan has devoted much of his career.

4. When Luis Gutierrez Pushed for Amnesty in Order to ‘Punish’ Americans Who Are Against Illegal Immigration

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) believes Hispanics should get amnesty and citizenship to punish Americans who are against illegal immigration. After he told the La Raza conference in Los Angeles that President Barack Obama gave the Latino community a “down payment” with his temporary amnesty program that halted the deportations “of our people,” Gutierrez urged Hispanics to seek retribution at the ballot box.

5. When Luis Gutierrez Said “Every Institution in America” Should Ignore Federal Immigration Laws Until Amnesty is Passed

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) suggested that until Congress passes sweeping amnesty legislation, “every institution in America” should find ways to ignore or work around federal immigration laws. He also said that President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action program was the first step in implementing more amnesty programs.

Testifying before a Senate Subcommittee hearing in Chicago on “Immigrant Enlistment” that Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) chaired, Gutierrez said that “every institution in America, including our military, must work around the inability of our federal government and the U.S. House of Representatives to fix our immigration system.”

6. When Luis Gutierrez Compared Fighting for Open Borders to the Civil Rights Movement

Ahead of the Martin Luther King holiday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) compared the fight for amnesty for illegal immigrants to the march for voting rights in Selma, Alabama during a New Jersey stop on his nationwide executive amnesty tour.

Gutierrez reportedly held a press conference in New Jersey with Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) at the “Comunidad Cristiana Church in Elizabeth” in which claimed that today’s pro-amnesty movement is the “civil rights movement of our time.”

7. When Luis Gutierrez Said He Sees His “Own Daughter” in Illegal Aliens Flooding Across U.S.-Mexico Border

During this weekend’s Political Capital, Hunt asked Gutierrez whether “some racism” was involved in the opposition to illegal immigrants.

“When I see those children, I see my own daughter. I can’t help but see that,” Gutierrez, who was born in Chicago, answered. “I see my nieces and nephews.”

Gutierrez continued, “I just wonder, don’t you see your children and other children in the same? Because that’s really what this is about.”

8. When Luis Gutierrez Demanded the Parents of Young Illegal Aliens Be “Freed” From Deportation

Speaking at the National Council of La Raza conference in Los Angeles, Gutierrez said that Obama assured him during a White House meeting with Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus last week that he would be as “generous and broad” as he can to “stop the deportation of our people each and every day.”

“You gave us a down payment when you freed 600,000 DREAMers from deportation,” Gutierrez said. “Now it is time for the president in the United States… [to] free the Mom and Dads of the DREAMers. And to go further. Be broad and expansive and generous.”

9. When Luis Gutierrez Said If GOP Didn’t Pass Amnesty, President George W. Bush Would Be Last Republican President


10. When Luis Gutierrez Said Breitbart News is Too Harsh on Illegal Immigration

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) whined about Breitbart News’ coverage of illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees during his recent commencement address at Cambridge College.

“Breitbart and Fox News didn’t invent their opinions on Mexicans and Central Americans or Muslims,” he claimed the day after the London Bridge terror attacks. “They’re just recycling them.”

11. When Luis Gutierrez Teamed Up With Paul Ryan to Sell Open Borders to Americans

“We want to have an immigration system that… has gates open to the people who are coming in pursuit of their version of the American dream,” Ryan told the crowd.

Ryan made the case for dissolving borders—declaring unabashedly that the United States “is more than [its] borders.”

“America is more than just a country,” Ryan said. “It’s more than Chicago, or Wisconsin. It’s more than our borders. America is an idea. It’s a very precious idea.”

12. When Luis Gutierrez Tried to Guilt Americans into Supporting Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

In his address, Gutierrez made a craven attempt to tweak the audience’s sense of class guilt, suggesting that they owed citizenship to the people who mow their lawns, babysit their kids, and pour their white wine:

Who are they? You know who they are. They pour the water in your glass when you go to dinner. And they wash the dishes before and after they pour that water in your glass. You know that. You can’t wash your car in the city of Chicago without coming across them. You know when you see that freshly-made bed and you see Maria walking out of the room as you–you don’t ask about her documentation. Does she bring any fear? No, you’re happy she made your bed and has it ready for you at the end of the day. Every day in Chicago, I see–I’ve seen this hundreds of different times. Undocumented women coming early in the morning to care [for] and to nurture the children of American citizens. You give them your most precious asset, your own children, to care for. And when they’re sick, they heal them. And when they’re hungry, they feed them. We know that they’re caring for American citizens’ children. And everybody that’s been on a golf course has seen them. And when José comes to mow your lawn–now, do you ever say, “Whoa! I’m scared,” in the presence of these people? “They are somehow menacing to me”? No. You drink the water, you drink the Chardonnay, right? You eat the fruit, and the salad, and you let them take care of your kids and mow your lawn. And now it is time, at the end of the day, after they sweat and they toil that they can receive the same satisfaction in being a citizen of the United States of America just like you.

13. When Luis Gutierrez Started Handing Out “Do Not Deport Me” Toolkits to Illegal Aliens

Chicago Congressman Luis Gutierrez has launched a new effort to aide illegal aliens to resist deportation with a “toolkit” that contains a “get out of deportation” card.

Gutierrez is handing out what he is calling the Family Defender Toolkit contained in a pamphlet that includes an “emergency” card that informs illegal immigrants how to avoid deportation.

14. When Luis Gutierrez Promoted Jeb Bush’s Pro-Amnesty Presidential Campaign 

On Tuesday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) said former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is the GOP 2016 contender who has the best positions on amnesty for illegal immigrants.

At the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, Gutierrez was asked which GOP presidential candidate he “would be able to work with best” on immigration issues.

“We have to stay with the Bush family,” Gutierrez responded while praising George W. Bush for trying twice to get comprehensive amnesty legislation last decade.

15. When Luis Gutierrez Sanctuary Cities Protecting Criminal Illegal Aliens Were “Fourth Amendment Cities”


16. When Luis Gutierrez Compared Executive Amnesty to Desegregating the U.S. Military

On Tuesday, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) compared President Barack Obama’s forthcoming executive amnesty to the desegregation of the U.S. military.

Gutierrez, who has been one of the most vocal pro-amnesty advocates, said on the House floor that President Harry Truman unilaterally desegregated the military because he “knew that legislation mandating desegregation would not pass through the U.S. Congress, which was dominated by Southern segregationists whom, it is worth remembering, were just like Truman–Democrats.”

17. When Luis Gutierrez Said Trump’s Pro-American Immigration Agenda is “Absolutely” Racist

Gutiérrez said, “I think this is absolutely a racist proposal. There is no doubt in my mind. If you take diversity visas, Alex. everyone knows 90 percent of the diversity visas go to who?  Black people who live in Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa or the Caribbean. And you just eliminate it? Senator Rubio’s parents wouldn’t have made it through this. My parents wouldn’t have made it through it. They didn’t have a college education. They couldn’t speak English and, yet, Rubio went on to the Senate, and I went on to the House of Representatives.”

 18. When Luis Gutierrez Suggested That Conservatives “Hate All Our Children” for Wanting to Stop Illegal Immigration at The Border

The often outspoken Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), blasted Republicans for their efforts to address the border crisis, saying that they had reached the “least common denominator of hatefulness.”

Gutierrez made his comments during a press conference with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

19. When Luis Gutierrez Refused to Attend Trump’s Inauguration Over His “America First” Immigration Agenda


“I’ve been to, let me see, two Clinton inaugurations,” Gutiérrez said. “I’ve been to two of them for Bush. I’ve been to two of them for Obama. I’m not going to this inauguration. I can’t go to this inauguration because he continues to spew hatred, bigotry and prejudice. Even after, he said he was going to bring us all together. He was going to unify us, but he’s not. He continues to spew this kind of hatred. So I’m not going to be there.”

20. When Luis Gutierrez Said Illegal Immigration Was a “Human Rights” Issue

According to Gutierrez, illegal immigration is “really an issue of human rights” for the immigrants to come into the country. He also said U.S. laws allow immigrants to seek refuge and asylum.

“This is really an issue of human rights and the rights of these people to come here. I know as the American public looks at them, remember they didn’t come here illegally. We have laws on our books that allow people to come and seek refuge and asylum in the United States of America, so they are using the laws of the United States of America.”

 21. When Luis Gutierrez Got Himself Arrested While Protesting in Support for Open Borders

Gutierrez, who sat in front of a sign that read “Stop Separating Our Families” with a line of protesters, refused to leave when asked by the police. Gutierrez was in attendance at a rally urging President Obama to do more to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants.

MRCTV’s Joe Schoffstall caught up with Gutierrez before he was arrested in which he said, “I think (President Obama) should use the broad discretionary power that the laws have conferred upon him and make decisions, smart decisions” in regards to deportation. The arrest occurred around 4:40 pm.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.