5G Danger Are Enormous And Being Implanted All Around US

July 31, 2018 in News by RBN Staff



Source: Rense.com

Photos By Gary Holland In Las Vegas

This Is A Regular 2G, 3G And 4G Tower

This Is A New 5G Tower Broadcast Array…

This Is A Massive, Brand New, Extremely Dangerous, Enormously Powerful 5G Tower Compley
Note The Apartment Building On The Left With Hundreds Of Children And Residents Just Feet Away
To The Right Is An Auto DETAILING Business Also Just Feet Away Where People Work All Day
The Tan, Rectangular Building In The Front Center Is Full Of Huge Batteries, Apparently In Case Of Power Outages

See How Astonishingly Close The Major Apartment Complex Is To The Barbed Wire Fence Enclosure
One Onsite Professional Tower Contractor Said, ‘Ive Never Seen Anything Like This Kind Of Equipment Before’

These Are The Very Large Electric Power Cables That Rise To Top Of The Tower And Power The Broadcast Array

5G Requires A Huge Amount Of Electricity – There Are About A Dozen Thick Cables Heading Over To The Tower

AT&T 5G Equipment Boxes Right Next To The Covered Parking For The Apartment Complex Residents

Do You Think It Is Safe To Live Anywhere NEAR One Of These Monsters?

This Is The Warning On The Door Of The Huge Battery Building – There Is A Clear And Distinct Odor Coming From This Battery Vault

Look How Shockingly Close The Apartment Complex And Its Human Residents Are To This 5G Location

One Of The Multiple Underground Power Vaults That Surround The Tower