April 20, 2022 in News by RBN Staff


Source: ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net



Biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston has applied her advanced skillsets to read the COVAX drug patents and federal contracts and she’s back with Greg Hunter to explain some of her latest findings.

She says, “We are being lied to at such a level, it is difficult for people to comprehend. The American people and global citizens were told the injections were vaccines. In fact, when you look at the patents, they call them ‘bioweapons’. They call them ‘toxins’, they call them ‘agents of chemical biowarfare’…

“Specifically, there is a 2017 patent related to what they are calling a ‘vaccine.’ The patent is entitled ‘Vaccine Nanotechnology’…It’s owned by the NIH, and when you read this nanotechnology patent, under Section 9, it clearly states: ‘In some embodiments, the small molecule is a toxin, a toxin from a chemical weapon, an agent of biowarfare.’

“So, what they’re calling a ‘vaccine’, in the patent, they further explain that, ‘we’re going to inject people with bioweapons.’

Since the beginning of the vaxxine rollout, we’ve been hearing about the vaunted “spike protein”. Karen says, “What if that whole story was a lie? The reason why I say that is because we were told the mRNA produces just a small part of the viral sequence, which is called a spike protein.

“Well, through my research, I found separate patents for the spike protein and there’s seven clearly different spike proteins in the actual patent.

“So this is the patent for the spike protein that’s produced, allegedly by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It should be part of a patent for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, it should not have a separate patent.

“And in the patent, you can see there’s three versions of it pre- and post-confirmation and then there’s another four versions of it, of the spike protein…They all do different things, per the patent and per the research…

“What I am hypothesizing, based on the fact that the spike proteins have separate patents and they have separate licensing deals – and the scientists say that they jimmied the spike protein, independent of the mRNA viral sequence…

“What I’m saying is that it’s absolutely possible and there’s studies that show, they can make this spike protein independent, in a lab, freeze them with cryo, encapsulate them in the lipid nanoparticles and then the lipid nanoparticles have a delivery device that’s times to release the toxin in a body, either immediately or over time.

She explains some of these spike proteins cause aggressive cancers, some cause heart disease, others cause autoimmune disease and some even mimic snake venom. That is just to name just a few of the diseases that are showing up in the real world data.

She says, “It’s demonic what is in these vials, and it needs to stop.”